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Desc:Chris-Chan shaves without the aid of water or shaving cream.
Category:Humor, Fashion
Tags:autism, shaving, Pain, Chris-Chan
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Comment count is 17
That's a pretty obscure song. Lift Your Eyes Up by Planetshakers.

Big Beef Burritos Supreme
It sounds like Kanye West.

Honestly, I've heard more interesting songs built into cheap keyboards as their demo.

GAHH! I thought we was pretend shaving with the plastic cover on the blade, I don't understand why his chin isn't bleeding profusely.
I used to shave without water all the time when I was in a hurry to get to class or whatever. If you use a perfectly-new blade it works pretty well, although the blade gets much duller much faster. I don't recall it ever causing more injury than a bit of a rash.

I would imagine that it depends on how coarse your hair is.

I used to dry shave a lot, too. I wouldn't recommend it unless you need to do it, but it's not as bad as many people think.

I used to be able to if I was feeling lazy but it got to where I'd just cut myself just thinking about it.

The look on his face during the first three seconds is amazing.
I just can't stop coming back to the Horror that is Chris-chan.

His stupidity just keeps topping itself.

I feel the same way. It's like the worst trainwreck in the world somehow finds a way to wind up time and then happen again, only worse.

Torture the Artist
I think this video is harder to watch than any of his others, which is pretty amazing considering his library of work.
He might as well have just ripped it out in handfuls
You waste my money on videogames and my little ponies, but you won't use it to buy shaving cream? Talk about not having your priorities right.
Mike Tyson?!
How did he even do that without ripping his skin off? I am actually impressed.
Very, very slowly? It's not like he's shaving in a hurry to get to work in the morning or something.

I think his skin is so greasy he doesn't need shaving cream.

...there ....there just are no words.
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