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Desc:Sort of. OK not really but hes the only entertaining character.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:HBO, True Blood, AIDS Burger, Lafayette
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Comment count is 22
Now that's eerie. I just watched this exact scene for the first time less than a minute ago.

Well then, I guess I'll be buying that 1st season after all.
Don't you SEE guys? Vampires are a METAPHOR for HUMAN NATURE!

But seriously, "AIDS burger" makes the five year old in me giggle.
This show is terrible. It was developed for teenage, goth girls.
I don't know anything about this show, but it seems that whoever wrote it was jacking off to how clever/funny/badass they think they are for writing it... kinda like Tarantino.

But I'm really stupid

Going through the DVDs now. I nearly gave up on it at the beginning for the reason Smellvin said. But it seems to be getting better as it goes along.

I'll give it one more try, but I have a feeling I'm with Smellvin here.

I have never heard of this show but it has two things going for it in my mind:

1) This scene was entertaining.

2) The only argument I've heard against it so far is "it's aimed against a subculture I don't like" which in my mind is totally irrelevant (so long as that subculture is not furries.)

I love this show.
Edgy, biting social commentary, I guess?
Rum Revenge
There's gotta be a 4chan joke in here somewhere... burger something due to AIDS...
I was roped by someone into watching 2 recent episodes. Some stuff happened, I guess. Mostly Sookie and Bill hung around a hotel and talked about their feelings. Then dorky kid and vampire girl talked about their feelings. Then Tara and Mr Sensitive. Then Sam and waitress. It's turned into a marriage counselor dramatization.

And Lafayette has been traumatized into an extremely boring person who just kind of sulks and cringes and mumbles.
Ooooooh Fuuuuuuudge!

(studio audience laughs)
See, unexpectedly, the black gay guy can beat people up. Since that is unusual, the situation is surprising and therefore entertaining. You are entertained.

Women who write books about vampires are inherently awful.
What? This is made by Alan Ball, I thought.

The original books are written by Charlaine Harris (who looks like your average grandmother), but the TV show expands on the NPCs in order to flesh out the story. In the books it's all about Sookie. This scene is probably all Alan Ball, which is why the dialogue is actually good.

do not read books.

not even three paragraphs in:

"im blonde and blue eyes and 25. my legs are strong and my bosom is substantial."

Rodents of Unusual Size
Ugh, yeah I think I'll take this clip and leave the series.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I like this Lafayette and I would subscribe to his newsletter.
Rape Van Winkle
He should have punched the snapping douche-bag at the end.
True Blood is the only good Vampire-related anything since the Blade series. It's not perfect, but if anyone would get it right, HBO would.

I am very much looking forward to LaFayette being a linked tag. He is the best part of the show.

And yes, I got the books in .pdf and I couldn't make it through the first page. Show > Books - that's a rare circumstance.
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