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Category:Cartoons & Animation, Crime
Tags:dinosaurs, extreme, Horrible cartoon infinity, extreme dinosaurs, SAURIAN STOMP
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Comment count is 16
Big Beef Burritos Supreme
Well, that was...homoerotic, I guess.
You sure it's not "Colossal fuckin' feud?"
So a fossil is a guy frozen in a block of ice, gotcha.
That was almost unbelievably bad, and yet somehow not the worst cartoon clip I've seen here by a considerable margin.
This was terrible, but it's definitely not the worst cartoon I've seen here (and for an example off the top of my head, I don't think it was as bad as that Human Torch song clip.)

Finally, a response to Hanna-Barbera's forgotten "Mundane and Polite Dinosaurs" cartoon.
Monocles are popping off of plesiosaurs everywhere.

Testicles of Doom
Here they are, split them betwixt the two of you.

So that's sharks, mummies, and now dinosaurs that have been taken to the horribly animated LIMIT. Fuck you Eastman and Laird. Fuuuuuuuck you.
This show is actually a spin-off of the Shark show. Once the novelty of toys that came in a cage wore off (I swear this is the only reason anyone ever gave for wanting those toys) they added dinosaurs to try to drum up some more interest because, hey, kids love dinosaurs right?

Although frankly, kids love dinosaurs.

Cheap Dinosaucers rip off. Everyone wishes that they could make 80s cartoons.
I'm not entirely sure, but I seem to remember that this cartoon actually had some clever, sarcastic writing.
Zhou Fang
Terrible Thunder Lizards indeed.

You know, I'm sure the raptors are bad guys and all, but the intro just makes it seem like it's a show about dinosaurs carrying out merciless ethnic cleansing.
Sudan no1
that last part was pretty cool
You have to give them a break. I mean, the ninja turtle were off the charts with success and no one could really tell why, so the paycheck churners thought, "Well, if that's the way the wind blows." and drummed up all this crap. They were just doing their job, really.
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