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Desc:Oh my
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:rocket, gymnastics, punisher, asplode
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Comment count is 24
Yeah eat that, Parkour.

This movie is insane in a good way.
Caminante Nocturno
Apparently, he was full of sulfur.
Rape Van Winkle
This movie is rad. They should have billed it as the spoof it is.
Someone's working on a parkour version of that skate bang montage? 5 stars!
I just rewound this eight times for some reason.
Well, that's it, I'm going to have to see this movie now.
I want a sequel of nothing but Punisher killing old people as part of the new health care system.
Jeff Fries
MEGA entertaining flick.
According to one of the related videos, Dominic West is in this. Why can't that guy be in good movies?
I mean movies as good as The Wire. This, obviously, is a good movie objectively. It only lacks compared to The Wire.

Caminante Nocturno
Well, maybe The Wire doesn't have enough of this in it!

When I saw this movie, I was fucked up and laughing the whole time. Then this scene came on, and I seriously laughed until I was really afraid I was going to die. I laughed for hours. I ruined everyone else's night by insisting that it be rewound and played over and over again dozens of times. I tried to upload it to youtube but it was recognized as copyrighted content. It is the best scene in any movie ever made.
I have a soft spot for the scene where he shoots a guy in the face while holding a little girl. Fantastic moment. "Goddammit Frank!"

Rape Van Winkle
I have a hard on for the scene where he shoots a guy in the face while holding a little girl. Fantastic moment. "Goddamnit Castle!"

It's exactly what Garth Ennis would have him do. Which is why it is perfect.
Ennis is GOD.

Saw this movie on impulse. Loved every minute of it.
Great movie. Ray Stevenson was an awesome Punisher
Why does Frank Castle hate free-runners?
Well, I don't think that guy was even going to land properly so Punisher arguably did him a favor.
Based on what you guys said, I finally saw this movie.
Holy god, it was great. Thank you for a very entertaining evening.
Bastards made me rent it. Was awesome popcorn madness, other than trying to give Castle feelings and make him lovable in the kid scenes. Fuck that, I like my punisher emotionless, husk-like and dead-eyed. Also: Can we expect Soap to start his porn career in the sequel?

I don't know why you guys keep calling them freerunners. Everyone who knows anything about this movie knows that that's Maginty and his urban freeflow crew, specifically.
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