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Desc:With Yakety Sax. yep.
Category:Classic Movies, Humor
Tags:yakety sax, Final Destination, not short but oh so sweet
Submitted:Time Travel Mishap
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Comment count is 21
Caminante Nocturno
It really could have done with goofy sound effects.
Agreed. I KNEW there was something missing. Still, the music matches up pretty surprisingly well.

From my own Yakety Sax experiments I have found that pretty much EVERYTHING lines up perfectly with Yakety Sax. It is the perfect slapstick-humor song simply because pretty much every beat can work as a comedic impact.

Yup. They can keep making these movies until I'm grey.
Haha! Take that you stupid fucking movies!!
This song just doesn't work with slo-mo.
And if it was played at double speed, it'd still synch up pretty well.

I am getting increasingly choosy about my Yakety Sax stars.


These stars are not for Yakety Sax, but for just how random this video is. Some vehicles never got closure, some went from going from right to left to left to right, some never did explain.
In the final destination movies only two things are true

death wins

everthing is made of gasoline

Binro the Heretic
Also, the average human body contains sixty gallons of blood.

In the grim darkness of of the Final Destination series there is only hilarity!
La Loco
Holy Terra! The ground is erupting around us!

La Loco
The above comment was posted by an imposter. Compare the comment histories! The true is out there man!

I've never seen this movie. The first few cars and the motorcycle crashing make some sense. Also, the ground appears to be wet. After that, where is this endless cavalcade of cars and trucks coming from, and why can't they see more than ten feet in front of their cars?

Anyway, I've avoided this series but may have to watch it now.
Two things I hate surprisingly go well together.

What Final Destination 2 needs is a comedy score playing at all times.
Seems like the moral of this movie is make sure all belongings are securely fastened in their proper places and you won't die.
No, the moral of this movie is that everything explodes. Cars, trucks, logs, pavement..

At one time I was enthusiastic about Yakety Sax.

That time has long since past. Now everything is WORSE with it.
Benny Hill's ghost hates you.
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