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Desc:These are available in Tokyo for 00 per month
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Tokyo, hal, exoskeleton, fuck you segway, walking under the influence
Submitted:Big Beef Burritos Supreme
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Comment count is 26
Six months from now, models equipped with accessories like beam cannons and launchers that fire tons of missiles at once in corkscrewing trajectories will be available.
But of course, the only people using them will be effeminate, emotional, 15 year old boys.

Oh, and 12 year old girls with huge tits.

And sometimes when several of them get really close, and a life threatening problem comes their way, they will combine together to form a giant robot with even better weapons. It'll happen really fast and with bright flashing colors.

ok, so what? what am i missing here. they don't seem to DO anything.
You're not a bright one, are you.

If nothing else, they made the woman's ass look fantastic.

They allow you to walk as if you just pooed your pants.

The name of the corporation that makes these is Cyberdyne.
They named themselves after a fictional robot company gone horribly wrong? And they named their exoskeleton after an artificial intelligence gone horribly wrong?

Something is definitely going to go horribly wrong.

i know fatatty. i know.

James Woods
Jesus Christ.

I didn't even register the HAL thing at first.

But yes I smell the faint musky odor of desperate marketing.

Counterpoint: nothing could possibly go wrong

In our own curiously short-sighted way, we pictured the cyborg murderbots of Tomorrow as all stainless steel plates and gleaming pistons. Instead, imagine a Wii-mote, stomping on a human face, forever.
Damn, I should have read your comment more thoroughly before throwing away my stars on the video.

Not me. My end-times theory revolves around fembots in thigh-boots. I call it the Sexylarity.

I love these because they look uncomfortable, awkward, overpriced, and fashionably embarrassing. Japan now seems a little closer to how we do technology at home.

I keep expecting a panel to pop off of one randomly.
so from your tag, if I'm stone drunk, these will walk me home?
It is the 21st century! Where are my FLYING lower-body exoskeletons, HUH?
Rabid Vegan
I want one, and I want it NOW!
-1 because while they give that woman more power they don't seem to be able to correct the pigeon toe walk Japanese women all seem to have
Menudo con queso
I didn't understand what these were for until I saw the trees trapped in steel pipe at 0:50. The point isn't to enhance walking, the point is Japan wants to encage every living object in the world!
00 is a bit much of an asking price, considering all this thing does is make you look like you were recently ass raped when you walk around.
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