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Desc:Amazing 80s dating profile compilation complete with sweet moustaches and sweaters
Tags:Video Dating, weirdos, found footage, cheesy studs
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Comment count is 33
No Donna Juanitas
ok what the hell is a Donna Juanita?

from wikipedia: Doņa Juanita (diminutive of Juana) is a name used for the average Chilean, and specially the older women from the countryside.

so uh. no help there.

Obviously this man was somehow involved in Operation Condor.

What if some woman was sitting on the edge of her seat, ready to dial his number, her panties getting all moist, and then she hears "No Donna Juanitas". And her name is Donna Juanita.

He clearly is referring to illegal aliens (as they were called back then).

Caminante Nocturno
The correct answer is that he's a bigot.

feminine form of don juan

Frank Rizzo
or hamsters

how is this not from "everything is terrible"?

Yeah, i'm confused by the "no hamster" rule. Some slang term?

Your confused because you're trying to put something in context where there is none, but assume there is because you invented a context for "no fatties" that worked for you.

Regardless of context, I concur, no hamsters or fatties.

The Townleybomb
I would love to see what the "who is the goddess?" guy is up to now. And if it still involves fingerless gloves.
He said "any girl" could be the goddess. The guy has standards after all.

Rodents of Unusual Size
A thousand times yes to this and equal no to the stuff that tries to emulate this but never can.
Rodents of Unusual Size
also the dude with rainbow socks and rainbow tie...wow.

Yeah, he's my favorite, it was a close run between him and "No hamsters" though.

Did the video open with the question "Are you looking for V"?
I like the guy who admits to stealing watches. He's dreamy!
Hi, I'm Maurice. Is my shirt unbuttoned far enough to see my barrel-chested manliness?
Caminante Nocturno
I dressed just like the guy at 0:39 during the 80's, only my age was in the single-digits at the time and I still had enough self-respect to avoid that hair.
infinite zest
this is why people don't think Tim and Eric is funny?
Caminante Nocturno
Half of the reason people don't think Tim and Eric is funny is because they're not funny.

The other half is because the things they try to imitate actually are funny.

Half of these guys are high, and the rest are drunk.

All of them are idiots. Except NO FATTIES.
Hay Belly
No, the guy at :30 is a cutie. No creeper vibes with that one.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Looks like Everything is Terrible has some competition.
The entire decade of the 80's is their competition, and a right brutal killing machine it is.

What does the first guys shirt say? All I can make out is "designer" at the beginning.
The Found Footage Festival just came through Columbus not too long ago. I like what they do, and watched v3 on DVD, but their running commentary is usually a bit lacking. Videos like this just need to speak for themselves.
The McK
What the hell is wrong with Steven's torso?
erection reset by queer
guys, I steal watches too

I want to see that movie about WW2
Adham Nu'man
What female wouldn't be turned on by Toxic Waste?
Syd Midnight
See folks, this is why I despise Tim & Eric. They are redundant. They're like artificial shit. Why even bother? They're like the real thing but less funny.
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