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Desc:Or at least he tries to.
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Mst3k, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Duck, the song is actually titled escape
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Comment count is 12
I miss this show so much.
Don't deny yourself! You can watch this episode and many others on Google video all day long. You can even filter out the Mike Nelson episodes by putting "Joel" in the search.

Now, now, Mike wasn't bad. Joel was better in the bumper segments (and I missed his Gizmonic inventions after he left), but Mike was snappier in the theater (he had been a writer on the show all along, after all).

Joel should never have left; this was the high point of his career.

And by the way, if anyone in Hollywood is reading this, I want you to go look at the director's commentary track on the "Ghostbusters" DvD. See that? See how the theater seats came up and three guys who worked on the film came on in silhouette to riff on their own film?


Get Joel. Or Mike. Or both. Let them make fun of your movies as you release them. Let them do bumper segments. I will buy them all. You'll at least double the sales of your completely shitty titles overnight, and the SyFy channel will air them at midnight on the weekends, bringing in more revenue. You can't lose, you'd be idiots not to do it, and God will grant you passage to heaven if you do this for us, no matter how many starlets you bed or how much blow you inhale.

Exactly the questions I have always had about this song. It's supposed to be a lighthearted tune with a happy ending, but all I can think is these are two horrible horrible people.
Innocent Bystander
What episode from this is now then huh?
I think it's from Monster A-Go-Go. Let me check the internet.

Yes, I remembered right. Also the episode where they had the sketch where Gypsy says she doesn't "get" Tom - "Nobody does, I'm the wind baby!"

I haven't seen this episode in an age and must rectify that as soon as possible.

Monster A-Go-Go is one of my favorite episodes.

Caminante Nocturno
That episode also has Johnny Longtorso, one of the most realistically evil things Dr. Forrester and TV's Frank every invented.

Its a good song
I don't know about that. The robots raise some good points.

Caminante Nocturno
To answer Crow's question, cannibalism was popular during the early-to-mid 19th century.
great, now timothy is stuck in my head!

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