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Desc:A compilation of news about FRC. Bonus points if you actually make it through the entire 15 minutes.
Category:News & Politics
Tags:lies, homophobia, Family Research Council, gay rights, tony perkins
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Comment count is 16
We are not a hate group because we don't 'hate' homosexuals.
We simply consider them subhuman child-raping scum who's very existence is an abomination, and if we had our way they'd be incarcerated, tortured, and chemically castrated. Like we used to be able to do in the good old days.

Oh, and we we get the gays sorted out, women and minorities are next. But remember: Not a hate group!


Thanks Babyboomers.

We'll take it from here.

I need to star that as well.

We aren't all retarded, really!

Aubrey McFate
I watched the whole thing!

I have to say, the FRC is fascinating in that they're just an old-school smear group doing real ends-justify-the-means shit. Other groups at least have this sense that they're being duped or they actually believe the propaganda, yet these guys have no illusions as to what they are doing. And, naturally, the shitty religious conservative base eats it up.

Also, Tony Perkins. What a fucking living strawman he is.
Is it even possible to list all the bullshit arguments and lies this douche lays out?

The one that burns my ass is that marriage has always been the same exact thing through all of human history. This just confirms that they know shit about history, but are happy to pontificate on the subject.
Sat through the whole thing. Ultimately, it just made me feel kinda sad. 5 sad stars.
The Southern Poverty Law Center is a "marginal group" ??
The final gasps of a dying beast.
Yeah, you just keep those bonus points of yours.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Gays want to take away freedom of speech and freedom of religion by asking for equal rights. By that same logic, a tribal shaman that marries two men because their tribe doesn't view gay marriage as abnormal is doing the same thing. A Buddhist that agrees that gay marriage is okay is trying to silence Christians.

Poor Christians. Other people doing as they please is so trying on them.
Someone actually says in the clip that while it's perfectly acceptable for two people in marriage to not have any kids, "it makes no sense" to extend marriage rights to two people that will not have any kids.

And be sure to watch around the 9:48 mark. David Boies' rebuttal to Perkins being dumb will brighten your day.
I tapped out about a minute in. Five for evil.
oh man
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