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Desc:AKA "The porno where Ron Jeremy plays Mario." SFW, but a lot of WAAAACKY EDITING HIJINKS!!!
Category:Classic Movies, Arts
Tags:Mario, computers, porn, Ron Jeremy, of course theres a porno
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Comment count is 11
Like I said, sorry about the WAAAACKY EDITING, but holy christ, it's a Mario-themed porno. Based on the MOVIE. Jesus.
Also, I partially submitted this just to activate the "Of course there's a porno" tag.

The editing really is horribly annoying.

But I liked that they snuck in a SFW fetish.

infinite zest
I believe your boss walking by and seeing Ron Jeremy on your computer screen automatically makes something NSFW. 5 stars for MY boss seeing it and finding it HILARIOUS and asking me to e-mail him the link. Did you know that Ron Jeremy has opened up a Swinger's Club in Portland?
your boss is boss

Dinkin Flicka
The space it's in (or going to be in) used to be such a good restaurant! Amazing Paella...

This would be funnier without the editing.
Ron Jeremy does a killer Billy Crystal impression.
This is very timely, since I was looking for (and failing to find) a live torrent of this last week.
I would have faved this if it weren't for that goddamn editing.
It's better than the actual Mario movie!
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