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Desc:those poor goldfish pray every night that someone will down them with a shot of vodka
Category:Horror, Educational
Tags:white people, fuck this dorm, UNF, YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!, manic pixie dream girl
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Comment count is 11
Frank Rizzo - 2009-10-05
one of them is probably getting date raped right now
zatojones - 2009-10-05
if she's not she's probably wondering if that means she's not pretty

TypicalEllisProtagonist - 2009-10-05
Why is everything flipped on the horizontal?
Comeuppance - 2009-10-05
The real question is how they scraped the wits together to record and upload a video.
Krystal has her name on her desk in stickers of alternating height.
So does Darrah.
Camonk - 2009-10-05
Torn from my nightmares
How the christ can it take six minutes to video tape one fucking room
Why does that 'yay' sound like icepicks in my goddamned ears
Why do their goldfish have people names
So many questions and despite SIX FUCKING MINUTES not a single MOTHERHUMPING ANSWER

teethsalad - 2009-10-06
i do not miss college
Aelric - 2009-10-06
I never lived in a shared dorm. I cannot understand how one can be expected to share a single room without barriers with another person. Even when I lived in a dorm, I got my own bedroom, and I was there completely on grants.
Aelric - 2009-10-06
P.S.: I'll never be married, will I?

whensaidthemoon - 2009-10-06
The trick is to have two roommates. Pick the one you get along with the best, and then bond over your shared hatred and contempt for the third.

These two girls have not learned this. They tell their church friends horror stories about each other every night.

phalsebob - 2009-10-06
Ok... I can bone these bitches, but I might need another Jagger and some earplugs.

*points to schlong*
whensaidthemoon - 2009-10-06
I like to imagine that the "YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!" is some kind of debilitating vocal tic over which these girls have no control. I imagine them trying to give presentations.

"On the other hand YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!, there are some scholars who would disagree YAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY!!! Derrida YAAAAAYYYYY!!!, for instance, argued that YAAAAAAAYY OH FUCK IT!!"

They are the only ones who understand each others' pain.
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