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Desc:IllusionistDave Illustrates The Societal Implication Of Using The R Word
Category:Educational, Humor
Tags:retard, why the terrorists hate us, illusionistdave, MORAL OUTRAGE, tardlets
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Comment count is 14
Sudan no1
can't this guy come up with more interesting things to get riled up about?
I really wish people would use the word "frumpy" more. I should make a YouTube video demanding that people never use it again.
this guy's retarded
This gimp is such a faggoty retarded nigger.
what a tard
"Society has a tendency to believe that if you're physically disabled you are also mentally disabled."

What a fag crip.

"I want responses, therefore I have disabled comments!"

I would too, those comments are such fag crips.

I am going to start using "That is so gimp" in my everyday life. I hope I don't offend the BDSM community.
Well, stop acting like one.
Sick Man
I forgot all about this guy.
Remember when he showed up at News?
Adham Nu'man
Oh he still hangs out at POE-News.

Except now he's like 8 different guys.

Sick Man

literally? Prove it.

I was going to comment that this guy must almost certainly be a poen poster, although saying who would be pure conjecture. It would explain a lot.

Rodents of Unusual Size
What about the words "rere" or "narnar". I hear the kids using those, and those words are delightful!
Maybe he should get new friends
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