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Desc:Only someone like Ulillillia could take a character like Vaan and make him this beastly this early.
Category:Video Games, Educational
Tags:RPG, final fantasy, ulillillia, grinding, FF12
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Comment count is 26
Five figure damage... Yep...
I've missed Ulillillia.

seriously how does even a asperger's case rationalize this

does he wake up in the morning and brush his teeth and mentally go over how he's going to shoot birdmen for 8 hours straight

there's not even the competetive oneupsmanship of online games

what if someone got him a weight set and said "it's like grinding but at the end you get your dick sucked"
I don't think the world is ready for weight-lifting Ulillillia

Sudan no1
this game is probably an accurate representation of how he sees reality.

I think we could do a really good thing for our friend here if we challenge him to getting fit in such a way.

"does he wake up in the morning and brush his teeth and mentally go over how he's going to shoot birdmen for 8 hours straight"

Actually that's probably not that far from the truth, just up the birdman-shooting time by at least double.

Ulillillia is not an aspie, he has OCD. When someone with OCD has a compulsion related to video games, they don't need to justify 8 straight hours of shooting bird men.

Does anyone want to start a pool to buy and ship to North Dakota a non-reflective, non-chair-resembling weight set?

Kind of, yes.

He has the gambits off? He's going around killing such petty monsters by taping the (x) button over and over and over for hours to no end? The great thing about the gambit system is that you could just leave the control taped with something and let the characters grind against this kind of enemies. But actually doing it manually? We're not in the 90s anymore dammit, what a crazy fucker.
i think you might not "get" Ulillillia

i'm drunk.
He's not even doing it right. There's a set of two really strong monsters in a zone next to where he's grinding that you can destroy with limit breaks, save, heal, and repeat that give huge amounts of XP.
i think you might not "get" Ulillillia

Dr Dim
OK I skipped almost all of that because I have no idea what's going on, but is he really going to kill those bird things for thirty five more hours?
He's got a book out now: The Legend of the 10 Elemental Masters.

It's fantastic.
i don't play these games or know what they're about, but i find his voice so soothing for some reason
If someone would just remove the damn mirror by the front door, he could get out of there.
yeah but then the sky

the sky

Ulillillia reminds me of myself and it scares me.
Too bad he doesn't play MMO's, I think he would love Lineage 2
I think MMO's probably have too much forced interaction with other players.

Not Lineage 2!

j lzrd / swift idiot
He only plays games to break games.
He spent 40 hours leveling a character up and he ignores items so that he can save 10 seconds walking to the next point where he can continue leveling the character up.
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