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Desc:Picks up around the 2 minute mark
Tags:Drunk, baseball, cup stacking, sleeping hijinks
Submitted:Time Travel Mishap
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Comment count is 24
Not like there's anything else to do at a baseball game.
Wow! They've found a way to make baseball interesting! Five stars!
really picks up around the 7 minute mark
The Townleybomb
I wouldn't say that it really starts picking up until around 5:00, but still a great leap forward for science.
hope he enjoyed his nap, looks like everyone else did
If cups were stars I'd give this video eight of them.
"Are we sure this guy's alive?"

This is the longest period of sustained success in Shea Stadium in decades.
This is the best thing Mets fans have ever done.
Fuck you.

But yeah, this is the best thing one can do at a met game pretty much.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Weekend at Bernie's.
In the related videos there is a clip of him afterward signing a kid's beer bottle. Yes, a kid's beer bottle.

Its right at the end of this one too

Also there were enough cameras present we should be able to render this into 3D

Comrade Admiral
for Rockbolt

When I was in high school, we did this to one kid with textbooks.

We were up to four or five before the pressure on his head finally sank through to his brain.
Frank Rizzo
cool story bro

5 stars for 7 minutes and beyond

La Loco
The worst time to ride the 7 or any train is when there is a Mets game. Fat and ugly everywhere.
Tuan Jim
The carnival/group theater aspect is what makes this great.

The most fun I've ever had watching anything baseball related.
mets fan then?

Rodents of Unusual Size
Great Moments in Cup Stacking History!
I regained all hope for men.
I swear there had to be more people watching this by the end than the actual game.
I like the "It gets better" at 4:08. Take heart, gay teenagers, someday someone will stack things on your head while you're trying to sleep.
needs white people tag.
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