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Desc:You thought the googly eyed stack of money was scary.
Category:Nature & Places, Horror
Tags:Duck, Ducks, creepy, Aflac, Anatidaephobia
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Comment count is 13
Someone get this duck a Tabla.
Or a xylophone.

Needs bagpipe accompaniment.

Sudan no1
no one has rated this yet because no one wants to listen to the aflac duck
Maybe the duck could join Stomp.
We have a couple of ducks hanging around outside our place. The boy duck is weird because he looks a lot like a girl duck in terms of colouring. He is pretty tough though - I saw him kick the duck ass of this other boy duck that was going after his woman. I think he got winged by a car because he was limping for a while, but he's okay now.

I hope you liked my story!
If only I knew Morse code, I could communicate with you, duck.
Does...your....insurance....cover....things....like....grocery.... bills?

phnglui... mglwnafh... cthulu ... rlyeh.. wgahnagl... fhtagn

"Come out, Neville!"
I think it's fighting it's own reflection.
Freeman Gordon
They ... are .... evolving
That's one swingin' hep cat duck, man.
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