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Desc:It's so easy to spot one in a crowd
Category:Accidents & Explosions, Humor
Tags:alcohol, drunk women, wedding crashers, that looks expensive
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Comment count is 18
Frank Rizzo
I refuuuuuse to believe.
Viral me thinks.

Harrison Tents. Make it Last.

You kids and your viral videos.

At least in the 80s we had America's Funniest Home Videos.
This is how all weddings should end.
you'd figure there'd be a little more attention on the bride considering her face got fucked up.


Yeah, this screams viral. Reserving stars for resolution.
Time Travel Mishap
Not only is there not enough attention on her but she is way to relaxed about the situation. Half the time a bride goes into MY DAY IS RUINED mode when something simple goes wrong like the wrong color napkins showing up with the catering.

Now that I think about it I bet that was there intention. Have everybody act relaxed and people would watch the video and say "well it has to be real look at these boring reactions".

Time Travel Mishap

This appears to be the original(its the exact same video don't bother watching it through again).

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That's the description.

There we go.

Busby Berkeley
Weddings are 90% 60+ year old relatives who do nothing but attend weddings and funerals. There are none here.

Rodents of Unusual Size
Don't care if its fake, it's too funny not to five star.
It's the Cloverfield monster!
engrish muffin
Ach mein Gott!
Walt Henderson
fart nt
James Woods
what does 'nt' mean?

Walt Henderson
It means I wasted a lot of time and some really shitty hash lurking through the poeN archives last night, and I was still burnt enough this morning to assault this viral crap with a reference to dumb things I shouldn't even know about.

Koda Maja
Red Tornado Attack!
viral poop
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