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Desc:Non-scrolling Super Mario Bros. Port/Sequel made by Hudson Soft. Play through of first level.
Category:Video Games
Tags:Super Mario Bros., Special, nec, bad ports, flicker
Submitted:Spit Spingola
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Comment count is 17
Up until the late 90s, this was pretty much what every console port looked like compared to the arcade version.
However, Capcom deserves a special prize. Most, if not all, of their ports to home systems (mostly on C64, Amiga, and NES) added features or gameplay aspects not present in the arcade versions. They used to be known for some awesome ports, until they started farming them out to shitty devs.

James Woods
Epilepsy Bros.
looks painfully unfun
Time Travel Mishap
even the music is slow. wow.
Man Who Fights Like Woman
Slow music, fast seconds.

Prolly easier to control than New Super Mario Bros. Wii, where everything is on wiggle vision.

I've definitely watched too many of the sadistic mario game hacks. I kept expecting each new screen flip to reveal a series of enemies or pits that would require tedious amounts of dying and retrying to find the exact location to be onscreen to survive.

Between the epilepsy happy flashing in this and the music of the Castlevania port for DOS, I'm starting to wonder if early PC ports were an exercise in combining popular platformers with the physical assault of one of the gamers five basic senses.
At least Mario's shirt is now the right color for someone in his profession.
Stupid Lisa Garbage Face
Thank you Mario!
But our Princess is on a better computer!
Proof that your parents hate you.
Lazer Chachi
So is the genre just "2D side"?
Unmerciful Crushing Force
What video games in hell must be like.
There are times I wish I could to back in time to some earlier part of my life. Then I start up an emulator and see how crappy computers and technology was back then and I'm glad I'm in the era I'm in now.
The NES was and will always be great, though

I like how this devolves into a tutorial for level 1-1 of SMB. As if it's not burned into everyone's cortex. He even calls out the shit he misses lest we think he's not a true gamer.
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