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Desc:I take no responsibility for time wasted listening to him
Category:Arts, Business
Tags:Adult Swim, Venture Bros, whining, InvisibleCrane, metocalypse
Submitted:Teased Vagina
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Comment count is 21
The Townleybomb
Adult Swim needs to put out DVDs of this guy getting his nuts shocked with jumper cables.
All the DVD releases of AS cartoons I've owned were uncensored. I think I can make that assertion because I actually "bought" the DVDs.

-2 stars for misinformed idiot

-2 stars for nasal androgynous voice
I don't think you realize why this website exists.

I'm an intern.

He'll be flogged.

I'll be watching splatterbabble's ratings with interest, as he learns more about this magical place.

Ha ha. No I won't.

5 for misinformed idiot with nasal androgynous voice.

having fun with that troll-by-numbers shit?

Can you confirm the existence of DVDs with Patrick Warburton swearing? I might have to buy those.

I didn't have to see this woman's face once.

He's one of the few people i've seen on the internet that i truly wanted to punch in the face.
I'm really worrying about how much this voice makes me want to murder its owner.

punch drunk babies
Thats a guy?

Midnight Man
What exactly could you do to him that life has not done already?

mumbly joe
what the fuck? i made it through roughly 20 seconds of this, how is it you you people can sit through 6 minutes of this whiny bitch?

He hits his stride around 3:00.

Eventually, it's funny to listen to clueless, rambling whining.

I could only get 2:44 into talking face fat's tirade.

If you took away all of the things he complains about, there would be nothing left for him to become interested in except non-nerdy shit. So maybe it is like a cry for help.
Oh, he's a Tripping the Rift fan. It all makes sense now.

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