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Category:Trailers, Arts
Tags:Gun, little girl, Nicholas Cage, kick-ass, teaser
Submitted:Innocent Bystander
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Comment count is 22
fermun - 2009-12-15
I wish it stopped at 44 seconds.
dichotic1 - 2009-12-15
i thought it read, "shoots LIKE a little girl."


Adham Nu'man - 2009-12-15
Nicholas Cage is poetv's patron saint.
eatenmyeyes - 2009-12-15
You are incorrect. That job is taken twice over.

infinite zest - 2009-12-15
Eric Freeman, and.. who's the other one again?

Albuquerque Halsey - 2009-12-15

Koda Maja - 2009-12-15
Nicolas Cage is the patron saint of the entire goddamn internet.

Albuquerque Halsey - 2009-12-15
another great moment in submitter title serendipity
Comeuppance - 2009-12-15
Beat me to the comment.

Camonk - 2009-12-15
I was laughing before the video even started, thanks to that.

Jefka - 2009-12-15
This clip answers absolutely nothing about how it got burned.
pineapplejuicer - 2009-12-15
but killing her might bring back his goddamn honey

Riskbreaker - 2009-12-15
*falcon kick*

Billie_Joe_Buttfuck - 2009-12-15
First I've heard about them doing a Kick-Ass movie.
infinite zest - 2009-12-15
I'm excited. I'll admit that I even liked Wanted. Millar's stuff really isn't all that great in my opinion so it's fairly easy to make a decent film adaptation of it.
memedumpster - 2009-12-15
Hard Boiled would be a fun movie.

charmlessman - 2009-12-15
This made me giggle.
Caminante Nocturno - 2009-12-15
I don't care how much love Nicholas Cage gets, it's not nearly as much as he deserves to get.
oogaBooga - 2009-12-16
I would have much preferred a contextless edit before submitting the unaltered thing.
Cleaner82 - 2009-12-16
Yeah but it was for her own good.
Mister Yuck - 2010-01-19
The bullet wouldn't knock her off her feet. That is silly. Everything about this is silly.
Nikon - 2010-05-30
Aww, she was wearing a bulletproof vest *SPOILERS*
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