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Desc:The latest in artificial hands.
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:Robots, bionic, prosthetics, artificial hand
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Comment count is 14
WHAT? Provided by the British National Health Service?
All those commie Brits with fascist robot hands!!!
They will have an army of people with CYBORG HANDS THAT MAY OR MAY NOT CRUSH YOU! Whereas Americans are stuck with the sausage-like mayonnaise coated meat mittens that their angry God gave them.

Fuck flying cars moon bases. Happy new year -- here's 5 stars to more of this crazy shit in the 2010's.
I don't know what it is exactly, but that first scene of the bald guy makes it look a lot like he is also an extremely sophisticated bionic duplicate.

Can they control individual fingers? Or is it just that the fingers "follow the lead" of the pointer finger in a realistic way?
His head is huge and his neck is tiny.

He's the medicine bobblehead.

i thought he was some sort of shitty cg.

The last thing the world needs is cyber-golum...

Fuck yes I want one made out of black iron
I like how the announcer says "British scientists." There's just such a cheery but vicious twinge of domination in there.
When will prosthetic robot hands get to the point where they can play guitars extremely well?

Because when that happens, you're going to have amputees who will have the power to ROCK.
James Woods
When the robot war starts, these people will be first to face God. Their asphyxiated bodies left dragging behind its once 'noble-servant' machine (or so it had seemed at the time).
Two right hands, lady from the last shot?! DON'T GET GREEDY.
Get with the program, poetv. These savages are the Atari 2600's to this guy's Deep Blue: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/italy/6718528/Man -controls-robotic-hand-with-thoughts.html

That's right, the Italians have attached a robot hand that is controlled by thought, way more bionic, and he can fucking feel when things touch his hand. Now, the trial run was for a short period of time... but it worked.

'The 26-year-old was even able to feel needles being jabbed into the hand, which he said felt almost like flesh and blood even though it was not attached directly to his body.

"It felt almost the same as a real hand," he told a press conference in Rome, where the breakthrough was announced. "It's a matter of mind, of concentration. When you think of it as your hand and forearm, it all becomes easier."

The Italian scientists behind the project said it was the first time a patient had been able to make such complex movements using his mind to control a biomechanical hand connected to his nervous system.'

Think of that next time you watch Jersey Shore.
Those british patients with the shitty first gen hands will be PISSED OFF.

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