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Desc:Mackerel Jordan's latest conquest!
Category:Sports, Horror
Tags:man, fish, mascot, Mackerel Jordan
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Comment count is 27
totally spontaneous! like pro wrestling...we need more mascots like this is pro rasslin'!
5 alone for the way the mascot's head is post-meal.
Old People
I've watched this seven times already; it's all about the fish's bloated, retarded expression of triumph as it trundles offstage.

I wish I could appreciate this, but I'm all too aware that someone is jerking off to it as we speak.

The Mothership
You mean besides the guy in the fish suit, watching the same video we are?

Let me get ornery here.
Shut up and get off my lawn, I just fertilized.

Be all too aware that there is someone jerking off to any and everything you have ever heard of and stuff you've never heard about. Go forth and appreciate nothing.

*jerks off

*moves fin towards cock*

Hank beat me to the punch. Someone has yanked it to nearly every video on poe. You can't let it ruin every vid.

I'll 5 out of popular opinion, but I still say this is a SFW fetish video.

Are sports getting interesting? If sports had more fish I might watch it.
Sports have enough not-sports in them already. If you're wanting to get into sports but don't like the actual sports part and are more interested in all the side-show stuff, the NFL has a very attractive product to tell you about.

This is exactly why early Jim Henson skits were funny...

Kermit got eaten.
Notice how he got soft after he was done eating
Jesus, i hope the guy in the suit got paid extra for having to carry another guy around, upside down, on his back, off the court afterward.
That was his reward.

Vore done right.
One of the related videos is a bear mascot devouring a cheerleader. I could understand masturbating to THAT - you guys are freaks.
Doctor Arcane

That's a lot more entertaining. It has conflict, drama, vore, cheerleaders.

Rodents of Unusual Size
I request the nom nom nom tag.
j lzrd / swift idiot
Actually this isn't a half-bad idea.

Honest Abe
i request you both fucking kill yourselves

They should have tossed a shoe out of the fish's mouth afterward.
Are these inflatable suits the latest trend in mascots? A sick part of me hopes that yes...yes they are.
Inflatable mascot hijinks week?
If you believe enough.

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