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Desc:I will show you fear in a handful of dust.
Category:Arts, Pets & Animals
Tags:dancing, dogs, dog dancing, dancing with dogs, dogs who dance
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Comment count is 10
I reserve the last star for somebody who finds the King of the Hill clip relating to this.
Syd Midnight
I don't really want to see a Texan slow dancing with an elderly bloodhound in makeup. Oh wait yes I do.

5 stars for the dog and in spite of everything else in the video

what a great set of tags
engrish muffin
Clearly the dog thinks this is the pinnacle of playtime fun and that ups the cute factor significantly. On a related note, I hope this woman lives out in the country somewhere, because the yapping and the europop combine to create unholy neighbor terror.

What a proud marching lady
What a sassy scootching puppy!

I don't know, sure it's kinda cute but something about it makes my skin crawl a little, the same way it does when I hear some lady refer to themselves as their dog or cat's "mommy".
I don't think there's very many people here who think that shit ain't crazy.

But man, lookit how happy that dog is! He's just havin' the best ol' time.

PS: Great christ do I love those ankle boots

She trained her dog to jump on her when she bends over in front of it, and it didn't seem to want to.
William Batty
It's "I WILL show you fear in a handful of dust", not "shall".
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