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Desc:I cannot reconcile this with the real world.
Tags:marriage, Mormons, mormonism, Everything is Terrible, degenerate
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Comment count is 48
Frank Rizzo
he unblocked mtv!
Sleeping with multiple women? That's great, although we no longer officially condone it.
Drink soda and watch MTV? Woah, there fella, you've gone off the deep end.

Wait, shit. I was making fun of Mormons wasn't I? Uh, hey, you know what's funny? Cancer. Its great that people who drink and smoke die painfully isn't it? And how about that wonderful AIDS?

When you say AIDS, surely you mean "God's Ethnic Cleanser", right?

Rodents of Unusual Size
Not a single part of this was anything less than amazing. It's beyond self parody.
Innocent Bystander
Quit breaking the fourth wall, you dumb mormon!
I don't think asides count as breaking the fourth wall. Specifically they don't reference the fact that what's going on isn't real. However, he is definitely a dumb mormon.

Eh. I guess you're right. Sorry.

When you quit the Mormon church, you mark the occasion with Budweiser and Marlboros.
I started quitting the mormon church in 10th grade.

none of you know who steve young is.
i know, i know!

and it fucking scared me to death

Steve Young was engaged at least four different times (although not all at once...probably)

Johnny Madhouse
Is that Glenn Beck at 1:13, spiking the punch with Mt. Dew?

Sam Hall and Betty... Scuba?!
Yeah. I don't know.

Is that Steve Young calling for the heads of all 25+ unwed males?!?
Caminante Nocturno

Seizure's Palace.

This is incredible.
Anyone figure out what this is from? It has me dumbfounded.
The Singles Ward: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0306069/

Everything youve heard about the mormons is true, except for the things they say about themselves.
My god, it's full of stars.
1:46-1:50 I did not understand one word he said.
I knew he was in trouble when he started interacting with those minorities.
Jesus Christ all those blond buzzcut children.
Woah, i'm a menace to society just for being single?

I visited a mormon church some time ago because of some friends. Long story short: you start taking some classes and eventually move to another course where men and women get different classes. I was thinking we were going to learn the awesome secrets of how to control 3 wives at the same time, or something like that. Turns out it was more classes about the bible and how awesome god, Jesus and Joseph Smith are.

I also learned from some members, and this might just be bs from them, that they hold marriage in such high regard because having kids prepare you for your afterlife as being a god. The only way you are going to be able to be a good god is by having kids in your terrenal life, and being good to them of course. I kept asking "what if i turn out to be a bad god, and fucks with his creations?" But they said that won't happen, also, women can't become god. Sorry ladies.
That's pretty much it. It's pretty far from Christianity...specifically the stuff about Elohim and the spirit children, the planet near Kolob, Black people being cursed, race wars in pre-colonial America, etc.

Also I could be wrong but I think the teaching was that you couldn't take your place as a space god or whatever unless you practiced polygamy.

All the members i met said that the churches promoting multiple marriages are not recognized by the main church, not in public at least.

Also, they told that a wedding between two church members involves a special room full of mirrors.

Johnny Madhouse
I toured a new temple when it was first built, before the doors become closed to non-members and jack members, and yes there WAS a room with mirrors on both walls. This is meant to symbolize the couple being together in eternity. For eternity. On your own planet, with your earth wife and several additional heavenly wives. Patriarchy!

Yeah..is this the cable company? I would like to unblock the FOOD NETWORK please!

*self satisfied look*
these people are my enemy and I want to see them wiped off the face of the earth

(through peaceful conversion!!)
The Townleybomb
We need to start an organization that converts dead Mormons to Budweiser and Marlboros.

Hubba Bubba Nightmare
Do we get to put to the sword the faux-Weezer band atleast?

I rented this when it came out, out of morbid curiosity (I was living in Provo at the time).

It's meant as a comedy, but its exaggerations are slight. You won't find a more accurate documentary of life in Orem/Provo. It's a college town of 80,000 with only *two* bars.

I moved there when I was 19 for work, and at first I was amazed at the near-uniform hotness and naivete of the girls, but after dating half a dozen of them I longed for the slightly dumpy-but-reliable sluts back in Reno.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
They wouldn't spread their legs for you at all?

It's more that they expected a proposal by the second date. I went out with one girl who had been engaged to three different guys.

She was 18.

It's another planet over there.

Rodents of Unusual Size
So did we miss a part where he gets laughs by actually making fun of Mormons and the heathen audience agrees with him? The scene where the Mormon girl was the only one laughing was priceless because everyone knows Mormons aren't funny. Is this self awareness or lack thereof?
Testicles of Doom
This crushed my brain.
I hate religion so very, very much.
"Those are just jokes."
(sobbing) "And that makes it okay?"
...Um, yeah?
Steve Young was in the pocket. The pocket of the Mormon Church that is! Zingg!!!
I am a menace to society. Fuck yeah. I always knew I'd be good at something.
Billy the Poet
See: girls in biker shorts

25 years old and unmarried. A menace to society? Whew, good thing I'm 26. Light'em up Steve!
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