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Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:Muslim, babies, dead, Christian, Salvation
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Comment count is 29
Does the Bible teach how to be a douche? This guy seems to have learned from the best.
Well, he's not exactly wrong. I mean, if you're going to take the Bible as the be-all and end-all of your religion, he's right. If anything, I take most umbrage at the shitty woman. "My view is...", "I believe..." Well, lady, what you want to believe is irrelevant. If you're subscribing to a religion, you don't just throw your own ideas in there. If you have your own ideas, and therefore your own take on a religion, why do you give a shit what this douche is saying in the first place?
Agreed. The woman tries TWICE to say her snitty rebukes and then walk off, which immediately signals that 1)She has no idea and she knows it, 2) She's a bitch. Especially since her last 'point' is that Christians shouldn't disagree with each other ever, ignoring the fact that she started it.

Besides, the woman has obviously not spent a lot of time with lots of very young children. They may pick up on some things, but no one needs to teach them to lie, steal, and say terrible things to each other.

Very young children are not the same as babies, though. It's one thing to ponder the afterlife prospects of a small child (who is, basically, a tiny, super-concentrated ball of selfishness) who lies and steals once he is able to understand that he shouldn't do these things; it's another to ask about the fate of a person who is totally incapable of such actions, or incapable of much else aside from pooping.

The guy was very sneaky here, as he shifted the discussion away from babies and unto children, then used the false premise that the two are interchangeable to attack her.

Babies go to limbus infantium located on the edge of hell when they die. Everyone knows this. Jesus loves everyone, but if you die before a minister rubs oil on your head, you're fucked.
Frank Rizzo
5 for singing the title to the beach boys to myself when I saw it.
I did the very same thing!

Wouldn't it be nice if all dead babies
Went to heaven? Desc: one thirty-four
Category: Religious, Horror; Tags: Mus
lim, babies, dead, Christian, Salvation

It goes on and on and cleaves admirably to the melody.

It's always surprising how many "dont's" the bible has, but seems it's ok to sacrifice your son to your god, get your family killed just because god was stroking his big ego/penis, among many other things.
That's hilarious.

He says that if newborns would go the heaven, christians would start slaughtering them left and right.

Some christians say, that if all people were atheists, there would be no reason not to kill people, and everybody would just start slaughtering people left and right.

What the fuck is wrong with these people?
If I were there when he said this, I'd ask a follow up question:

"So, if you say Christians would go around murdering babies so they'd go to heaven if the Bible said babies who died before being capable of accepting Jesus were given mercy and divine bliss, does that mean hypothetically that Christians would support abortion? At least in non-Christian nations?"

I'm not sure what his response would be, but I'm betting on furious backpedalling before running off stage.


a) Retards are the same as babies.

b) The Bible confirms that John the Baptist was a Time Lord.

c) All dogs are superior to all babies.


e) Christians would be naturally inclined toward mass infant holocausts if the Bible had just given them an excuse.

yeah that last one is priceless. "If the bible said babies went to heaven, wed be running around the world killing muslim babies so they can go to heaven."

NO NO, Abdullah, I'm doing this FOR the baby! Trust me! This is a good thing!

The world makes so much more sense once you stop asking yourself if these people are right and start seeing them for the schizophrenic nutjobs that they are.
But if all the dead babies went to heaven, what would satan eat?
According to this guy, Christians are HORRIBLE, baby-hungry monsters whose dark impulses are barely held in check by the harsh reins of a barely-aware God.
I was going to one star this until I read the YouTube comments...
Yeah, the argument that he was somehow taken out of context and that real christians™ would not murder babies who's parents happen to worship the wrong god, just the vast majority of christians that just don't get it, is really pursuasive...

Of course, if his parents were real christians™ at the time of his infancy, he wouldn't be around to prothletise this on the streets, as the misguided christians would have already 'saved' him as a baby, despite him only being a youthful agnostic.

Jesus Christ Baby Killer.
You can even see steam pouring out of his ears. This stuff can make smart people burn brain cells in the most bizarre loops of dancing quasi logic that such that even moon men give up on it. Being an intelligent biblical literalist must be like being on the verge of schizophrenia.
"intelligent biblical literalist" is an oxymoron

Biblical Rules Lawyer
So God doesn't spread truth, God parcels out what he feels his gullible yokel followers need to hear.

FYI I was told in Catholic school that unborn killed babies go to limbo, which is like... I guess a sort of asteroid belt around purgatory made up of babies.
They don't anymore.

God's infallible, unchanging word has changed.

I love/hate how if you google "where do babies go when they die," none of the answers that come back are "nobody knows, they don't tell us"

5 because of the concept of original sin. Makes me smile every time.
Yeah, Ms. Commentor seems to have forgotten that part about Christians believing people are born with original sin. She seems to be one of those weird, Christ-lite Christians, who have no problems tossing out all the laws and judgments from te bible that make them uncomfortable, yet suddenly claim strong traditional values Re: anything other people do that they very strongly dislike.

This is a difficult issue. Yes, God is infallible and has compassion and love for all people, but he could totally still condemn babies to eternal punishment.

If not though, mass religious infanticide is a pretty metal solution. Apparently its totally reasonable to some christians too. So is it reasonable to kill a christian who is currently "elect" who may not be after they go to college or start watching videos on the internet? (Salvation > Life?)
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