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Category:Educational, Accidents & Explosions
Tags:ICP, white trash, juggalos, not about the merch
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Comment count is 10
there's needed to be a 'not about the merch' tag fer a while, now...
I don't know how to rate these because I can't listen to them long enough to find anything interesting.

Amazing unwatchable.
His skin is so bad that even his shitty webcam can pick it up.
HP Lovesauce
Guh, TFL and Juggalo videos almost always run 10 minutes.

..and that accent. I half expect this to turn into a 'how I dip' vid.

Syd Midnight
The guy talking through a pitch shifter the whole time in the background makes it for me.


Syd Midnight
woop woop I get edgy if i ain't drawn a hatchet man in a while
This guy is like Martin Luther leading the Juggalo reformation. "Stop your merch idolatry! Go back to the original words of ICP!!!"
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