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Desc:Evangelical talk show discusses He-Man's role in introducing Satanism and the occult into TV
Category:Religious, Classic TV Clips
Tags:He-Man, satan, Christian
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Resubmit:Caminante Nocturno

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Comment count is 26
gonegirl - 2006-10-03
He-Man has more power than Jesus!
eatenmyeyes - 2006-10-03
Jesus is better animated.
Xiphias - 2006-10-03
skellllllletorrrrrrrrrrrr masterrrrrrr of the universssssssse
EvilHomer - 2006-10-03
"Mommy, God isn't Master of the Universe. He-Man is!" Damn straight.
Killer Joe - 2006-10-03
Jesus is laughing at you.
Caminante - 2006-10-03
Many little girls play with Skelator toys? Really?!?
professor_ogenki - 2006-10-03
For people so against He-man they certainly have bought a lot of the toys.
phalsebob - 2006-10-03
Mommy! God isn't the Master of the Universe, He-Man is!!
Corman's Inferno - 2006-10-03
This guy has an amazing book about He-Man's ties to Hitler and the satanism in the Smurfs.
eroticus e - 2006-10-03
Even after all that whining, he sure seemed to be having fun with the Snake Mountain microphone.
merzbau - 2006-10-03
Jesus, how much Brylcreem does this guy have in his hair?
NoCode - 2006-10-03
Is that a My Little Pony on the Table of Occultic Toys?
sosage - 2006-10-03
Snake Mountain's mic changes my voice?!? What kind of black magic is this???
afp3683 - 2006-10-03
but He-Man DOES have more power than Jesus.
Zhou Fang - 2006-10-04
So this repeats every 10 years or so? Just replacing He-Man with pokemon, etc?
MasturbationDestination - 2006-10-04
boner - 2006-10-04
PrincessPeachesUnderpants - 2006-10-04
Where's Scare Glow?
Testicles of Doom - 2006-10-08
kingofthenothing - 2006-10-19
dude, if someone says 'occultic' one more time they're getting slapped.
blackbetta - 2006-10-21
"Skeletor lives in Eternia with He-Man," and someday they'll be allowed to marry.
joelkazoo - 2009-11-24
Idiots didn't do the research! She-Ra lives in Eternia's parallel universe, Etheria.

5 for the Mad Mic Skillz.

BAC - 2006-12-06
he-man vs. jesus? (I say he-man 10/10 except on sundays)
bopeton - 2006-12-14
Christians are so funny.
tamago - 2007-01-28
OMG I had the Snake Mountain playset! That shit was dope.
Camonk - 2007-02-06
I don't remember Skeletor having all those powers. He was pretty weaksauce overall.
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