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Category:Video Games, Crime
Tags:big daddy, Bioshock 2, Whose your big daddy?
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Comment count is 9
Deathmatch: now without any of that pesky wandering around to find your enemy.
Behold "Future Game"! Scientist spend 12 years building Future Game! Found True Inefficiency(r) in Past Game Model, hours wasted, players saying "where are YOU!?" as they waste hours looking for find-abouts of Competitive Players. Future Game elimates find-and-go-seek of Old to inspeed process of Winning. Available only in FUTURE. Get One Before it Gets None!(tm)

Wow, it's almost like they put all their effort into the single player and slapped on multiplayer as an afterthought.
Bioshock: forever disappointing everyone (except the easily amused).
Binro the Heretic
I don't know. "The Ship" kind of has this beat.

Whenever I play, I spawn, unarmed, in the same room as my hunter, who is invariably standing behind me with a shotgun, while my quarry is East Jesus other side of the God-damned map and two decks above or below me.
I like the franchise, but seems that every game these days just wants to toss a multiplayer option for the sake of it, without actually planing well the whole thing.
Still better than Metroid Prime 2's.
I didnt even know that had multiplayer.

Single player was pretty good though.

chaos owl
punch black faces
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