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Desc:We'd better get. THE POLICE
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Pets & Animals
Tags:phoenix games, limited animation, mouse police
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Max come quickly
(squeak squeak squeak squeak)
Mouse Police! where are you coming from
Mouse Police! nobody knows who you are
(squeak squeak squeak squeak)
Mouse Police! Feel the power that we got!

Mouse Police! We'll give it our best shot!

"Limited" animation is an understatement.

What country are these voice actors from, anyway? Their accent is all over the place. It sounds like a Nigerian trying to sound Welsh, or something.
I still can't get over how all these animations use the same 3 or 4 tracks of music to score everything.
we better get. the police!

this is not over. bears!
Oh God, mouse WEEGEE.
And the Mouse Police Never Sleeps:


Go Jethro Tull!
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