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Desc:The foot gnawing baby Dragons freaked me out as a kid
Category:Classic Movies
Tags:Disney, dragons, virgins, Dragonslayer
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Comment count is 11
Awesome classic fantasy films and one of my favorites as a kid. I love this movie and love the dragon effects, dated as they are.

For me, the trauma came from the priest guy getting cooked, not so much the baby dragons.
Binro the Heretic
FUN FACT: That priest was Emperor Palpatine.

This movie is still awesome today.

movie sucked.
how bout some truth in advertising?
i thought it was going to be dragon after dragon carefully placed on top of each other. instead it was about killing one dragon.
Binro the Heretic
You were expecting maybe "Reign of Fire"?

That one had more dragon footage in the trailer than the actual movie itself.

Now see, I was expecting this to be a film about archaeologists studying the strata in a canyon and locating the level with dragon remains. Again, the film fails to deliver.

Oooh, this gives me an idea for a birthday cake for archaeologists: a multiple layer cake, with little plastic trilobites in the bottom layer, dinosaur parts in the next, and so on. Sort of like a king cake. First step: befriend an archaeologist.

Vermithrax motherfuckin' Pejorative all up in this
Fuck Lord of the Rings.
This and Pitch Black as the two entries in the odd "girl disguised as boy so poorly you didn't even realize she was supposed to be disguised" genre.
Jeff Fries
The "titty surprise" genre

Tuan Jim
How about Yentl?

We didn't have a VHS and my parents were fairly strict about content so I'd go over to my friend's house and watch all the 'good bits' of movies. I saw the babies eating the princess, the clearly-a-girl genital reveal scene, and Vermithrax's awesome dragon guts completely out of context. Pretty awesome - every scene stuck in my head. Watched the whole thing years later, and it's a great movie that probably got *better* with age (I figure it probably disappointed people at the time expecting something more blockbustery).
Other scenes seen out of context at my friend's house: various bits from Jaws, various scenes from Poltergeist, various scenes from Temple of Doom, the orgy scene from Conan, the chestburster scene from Alien. Good times.
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