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Desc:Superhero movies in the 90's...were pretty bad.
Category:Classic Movies, General Station
Tags:film, Superhero, Trailers, 90s week, The Phantom
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Comment count is 16
Sundry - 2010-03-14
I call bull on that description. This movie was much better than the Fantastic Four movies, the Wolverine movie, DareDevil, Catwoman and other superhero movies so bad I can't even remember them right now.
CapnJesusHood - 2010-03-14
Uh like 99% of superhero movies are diabolically miserable no matter what the decade. My stars are for Treat motherfucking Williams.

BIlly Mays Here - 2010-03-14
The 90s had, what, the Schumaker Batmans? Steel? Spawn? There were a lot of shitty superhero movies in the aughts but at least there were a few decent ones.

yoyo1 - 2010-03-15
The 90s had the Shadow. Best superhero movie IMO.
Also this one doesn't look that bad, looks faithful to the comic at least.

kingarthur - 2010-03-14
Slam evil!

Am I the only one who remembers that?
StanleyPain - 2010-03-14
I doubt it since it takes up about 30% of the DVD cover art.

Charles - 2010-03-14
I don't. And this movie rocks.

RomancingTrain - 2010-03-14

StanleyPain - 2010-03-14
I actually really liked this movie and still do. There aren't enough pulp fiction type movies and The Phantom was begging to be made into a movie. I'll grant it wasn't perfect and the storyline was a little odd even for Phantom standards, but it was still not too bad. They also showed restraint considering the era by not trying to put in some sort of proto-CG giant monster or some stupid shit like that.
Rodents of Unusual Size - 2010-03-14
This was one of those movies that Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel vehemently disagreed upon. Ebert loved the look of it but Siskel thought the idea of watching someone in purple spandex stretched reality too far.

I wish audiences had listened to Ebert. This movie just has a pulptastic look to it.
dead_cat - 2010-03-14
I wish I could have gotten over the fact that he did all his crimefighting in a hilariously purple body-stocking. Other than that, it seemed like it would have been enjoyable, in a turn-off-your-brain-and-watch sort of way.
RomancingTrain - 2010-03-14
The best part of The Phantom was the pewter skull rings that came with Subway kid's meals.
CapnJesusHood - 2010-03-15
the best part of the movie was that the actual in-film prop ring was pretty equal to the subway giveaway rings in terms of quality and craftsmanship

B. Weed - 2010-03-14
I thought it was a pretty cute film. Not the greatest superhero film, but fun.
Cleaner82 - 2010-03-14
This was sort of like Schumacher's Batman except actually funny.
Camonk - 2010-03-15
They tried this and The Shadow around the same time, right? Back when Alec Baldwin sucked. Two pulp heroes, and I know from firsthand experience that The Shadow sucked.
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