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Desc:Poor news crew, you have no idea what you're getting yourself into
Category:Classic TV Clips
Tags:Furries, Fetish, capitalism, fursecution, anthrocon
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Comment count is 32

Furries are fun, wacky, screwed up, drama inducing social rejects. (And I love every second of it.)
Goddamn it no. Cutesy human interest stories are the first step on the road to acceptance. Do you want to have to sit next to some fruity freak in a skunk costume on the bus? Do you want Wile E. Coyote teaching your children?
Certainly not physics or engineering...

Five stars for that comment.

Jimmy Labatt
Toronto represent!
I'm a doctor! I have a labcoat.

That canine(coyote?) at -:10 is the dirtiest fursuit I've ever seen
That doctor is also known as Uncle Kage. He has a Wikipedia page. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samuel_Conway

From all accounts he sounds like WAY more of a well-adjusted and awesome human being than the furry fandom deserves.

Frank Rizzo

youtube video of a youtube video. Your head asplode.

that animatronic suit is actually really cool
+3 for functional ears. More furries should put some effort into it.

+2 for pathos.

I showed this EXACT clip to my Intro Sociology course today. None of them had ever heard of furries before, and virtually all of them thought it was equally hilarious and creepy.
Herr Matthias
Attention Pittsburgh: this is not what you want to improve your city's image.
I wonder if there was a furpile in the hotel lobby again this year.
A week earlier, Kelly Frey had reported that the Queen of England had been killed in a speedboat explosion while high on meth. That's how badly you have to screw up to be assigned to cover the furry convention.
Rodents of Unusual Size
Can you please submit that clip when it becomes available??

Herr Matthias
Maybe my sarcasm detector's off, but I'm pretty sure he was joking.

God, what drivel.

"There's such a.. wide field of..."

Yes, such a wide variety of people, everyone from nerds to virgins to douchebags to freeloaders to pedophiles. All the colors on God's Loser Rainbow.

God every one of them has a pretentious, ear-splitting voice or pretentious, brain-jabbing lisp. Why is Dr. Samuel Conway wearing a labcoat? And finally, why is it I feel an intense gag reflex whenever I try to say the name Pittsburgh now?
I don't whether to laugh or let out a scream of primal fear.
.5 million...of their parents' money?
Rodents of Unusual Size
If Pittsburgh becomes the furry capital and this somehow replaces the city of Steel...wow, just...the 21st century in motion, people. This is it.
Almost as annoying as the furries was the reporter constantly calling Pittsburgh "the 'burgh." It sounds like a euphemism for bulemia.
Go Steelers!
Attention furries: Cleveland is also a nice city to have conventions in. Or Knoxville. Or Denver. Or Raleigh. Or anywhere else.
j lzrd / swift idiot
I'd like to see a furry convention in Missouri or Alabama. The locals will love it.

It's all fun and games until they start fucking each other.
When everyone in the world is finally able to get laid, there will be world peace.
"There's no one word to describe what furry is"

Yes there is: PATHETIC
Spastic Avenger
DOCTOR Samuel Conway? that leaves two possibilites:
1: this guy did a PhD/DPhil in something
2: He touches other people in places for a living.
Guy's a chemist, works for a pharmaceutical company.

She seems way to proud that the furries decided to come back.

Reporter: "The furries picked us! Yipee! We should be so lucky!"

Herr Matthias
You really have to understand how desperate Pittsburgh is for attention these days to fully grasp this.

First they came for the furries, and no one cared. The end.
This reporter is such a good sport in the face of horror, I have to respect that.
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