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bopeton - 2010-03-16

Pretty cool video for being just a stick with some strings on it.

THA SUGAH RAIN - 2010-03-16

No one looks impressed in this video. My stars are for the old man showing his stick to even older people at 1:06-11

Enjoy - 2010-03-16

What a great idea for burning man this year. We can draw huge crowds to the vegan lecture tent with our floating wands.

gambol - 2010-03-17


Busby Berkeley - 2010-03-16

Most of these people could use some lessons from the breakdancing facial expressions guy.

sosage - 2010-03-16

Could you just use your stick and point me towards the blowjob tent? It's that way? Wait. That way? Wait. Around you and that way? Wait.

Paracelsus - 2010-03-17

'blowjob tent'

chumbucket - 2010-03-17

the direction of this comment thread gets 5 stars

wtf japan - 2010-03-16

You see what long-term abuse of mind-altering substances will get you, kids? That's right: TELEKINETIC POWERS.

oddeye - 2010-03-16

If only

dementomstie - 2010-03-16

That means that Professor X was high ALL THE TIME!

oddeye - 2010-03-16

Dude, he is a professor at a liberal arts college.

Jellyneck - 2010-03-16

It is heretofore a crime for middle aged dudes with collared shirts tucked into pleated white shorts to wield the flow wand seductively. We will find you and put you in prison.

This technology is exclusively the realm of hot young asian women. I am the law.

Albuquerque Halsey - 2010-03-16

Lemmy: "How do you thinks it turns?"

Karl: "Who cares?"

Cube - 2013-05-13

Lemmy? LEMMY? And KARL?!

Sometimes I wonder if you're a real Simpsons fan AT ALL.

zatojones - 2010-03-16

neat. how does it work?

Chalkdust - 2010-03-16

I could really use a diagram or something... google has not been fruitful

pastorofmuppets - 2010-03-17

It can't be hard if that guy in the khaki shorts and hawaiian shirt can do it.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-03-17

Yeah, it's hard to find magic trick explanations online because it cuts into the magic trick publishers' profits. Anyway I'm assuming it's done with a light cane and stiff strings.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-03-17

nvm, i figured it out. but i probably shouldn't spoil it.

Urburos - 2010-03-17

It's anchored just below the center, keeping the center of gravity from altering the alignment of the rod.

feuertier - 2010-09-28

A string is anchored just above center on the non-fire wands. the balance is a little more complicated on the ones with wicks, because they have different movement characteristics when the wick is dry, when it is fully soaked, and as it loses mass at the top. the string is anchored a little further up on those.

Samisyosam - 2010-03-16

Bellydancing so advanced that the belly doesn't even have to do anything. This is like the missionary position of dancing.

Meerkat - 2010-03-16

oh fuck these are going to be rampant at the folk festival this year, like the goddamn drum fake fighting guys that pissed off my filipino volunteer partner by mocking an ancient cultural dance.

pastorofmuppets - 2010-03-17

Where, Newport? I'm sure the townies will just swat them away with the newspapers they brought to read while the bands play.

kwash - 2010-03-17


Jet Bin Fever - 2010-03-17

These people need to get a real job and shave their legs.

Rosencrantz - 2010-03-17

Needs a 90's tag.

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