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Desc:The 90s, it burns
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:90s, Claymation, toilet, kids are stupid
Submitted:The McK
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Caminante Nocturno
I blame The Mask for this. I blamed it back then and I still blame it today.
OK, I really didn't need that much nostalgia this late at night. As I've stated in previous 80's/90's TV intros, nostalgia burns my brain and makes me realize I've remembered this stupid shit instead of the capitol of Peru.
Lima 122.6′S 771.7′W / -12.0433, -77.0283

that's some crazy wacky insane facts right there for ya

This opening seems awkwardly long nowadays.
Was this a real show? I'm so glad I missed it.
This was one of the only children's shows my father enjoyed and watched with us. The other was Rocko's Modern Life. Everyone in my immediate family can still sing the "I Was Right Song"
My father also enjoyed this show... and Pepper Ann.

Growing up, my mother did not allow us to have friends. My alternative to friends was books. My brother chose toys. My younger sister chose TV.

I blame this particular intro, and many other 90's cartoons like this, for the state of my younger sister's existence today.

If you knew her, you would understand completely.
I found the animation to be attractive, and the concept of animating children's fears while they sleep as a harmless fun playmate was novel. The writing on the show stunk though. I usually just admired clay animation with no visible fingerprints.
Oh God, I thought this show had dropped off the face of the earth since it aired.
I believe this show was in the same line-up as Reboot, which was why I always sat through it.
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