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Desc:Brought to you by a man who knows comedy, the star of Down Periscope
Category:Advertisements, Humor
Tags:standup, conservative, Tea Party, kelsey grammer, white people laughing
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third try yay, I did it !!
Comment count is 39
Love the race traitor in the middle.

The distinguishing characteristic between "liberal comedy" and "conservative comedy" is that when they do stuff that isn't attacks of the other side, liberal comedy is still clever and funny.
Killer Joe
All I can do is give it stars, nothing else can be done.

Humor needs some grounding in reality, which works strongly against conservative humor. This is not to say that people who participate in some alternate shared reality can't enjoy their own brand of humor that nobody else gets, but when that shared reality doesn't go much beyond how the other side is wrong, there's not much material to mine humor from.

I could have a go at this:

What do you call a man with no arms and no legs in front of Obama? Teleprompter!

I met a guy who said he hadn't had a thing to say in weeks. So I gave him a teleprompter!

Why did Obama cross the road? To get back to Kenya!

How many Mexicans does it take to screw in a lightbulb? Barack Hussein Obama!
Apparently Obama is the first president to use a teleprompter?

You heard right. He also uses botox.

kelsey grammer, victoria jackson. i was much happier when i didn't realize what fartknockers these people were.
Pretty much...also, how does kelsey sleep at night when his whole career was made thanks to a bunch of liberal hollywood jews and writers?

I never found Kelsey Grammer funny. It makes sense to find out he's a conservative.

Seriously, the top two "Google News" Entertainment stories right now are:
"Kelsey Grammer to launch Tea Party TV Channel" and
"Kelsey Grammer cross-dressing in Broadway "La Cage aux Folles"

Not having principles can certainly be profitable.

These are for how painful that abortion joke was.
I want to flip the bird to everyone in this video.
Dinkin Flicka
On one hand, it's sad because Kelsey Grammer was Sideshow Bob.

On the other hand, it's not. For instance, in 1992 he was married to a stripper for a year, and he alleged she was abusive to him and when he talked to her about divorce she attempted suicide while pregnant, which resulted in miscarriage. He also had an affair with his hair stylist during all this. Yay wikipedia!
Kelsey Grammer is an old douche. The black comedian was fucking horrible.
Daniel Songer is funnier.
Uh, comedy isn't supposed to necessarily have a "point." If it's not funny in the first place, it doesn't matter what the fuck you're trying to say.

And the abortion joke is a rip-off of an old Bill Cosby routine, except not funny.
Tell that to Doug Stanhope, man.

PS Holy god this is bad.

First of all, I don't think tea party should be equated with right-ism.

Secondly, I do have to say that the very last joke about "illegals" being given driver licenses was fairly clever. Though, it may just seem that way in contrast.

Finally, oh black comedian, how is your comedy different than other politically neutral black comedians?
You don't think the anti-tax, anti-immigrant, bomb-Iran, racist, homophobic, white-men-over-fifty, voting-for-Republicans Tea Partiers should be equated with the Right?

You think they're liberals?

Maybe you should have told that to the 'Tea Party' before they were bought and paid for by right-wing interests. Maybe you should look to your left and your right and see if the man sitting next to you is a liberal.

Have any "illegals have the same or more rights than citizens" myths ever been proven true? ANY SINGLE ONE?

The thing about myths is that people often believe they are true. In the case of the immigration thing, no one actually cares if it's true, because it provokes the correct emotional response (oh no the sky is falling, which is good because it means I don't have to look in the mirror and see what a boring shit I've let myself become)

I kinda wanted someone here to be funny. I'm honestly starting to get scared of how my stereotypes of conservatives keep proving true.
The skeptic in me doesn't like how easy these people are to hate. It's not complicated enough.

"My people love making things more complicated..."

What do you mean 'my people'?
He means Jews. THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT.

Well it's not like there's anyone black in the audience.


Hand over mouth at 2:05 because of conservative edginess!
not enough heckling

5 repeating stars for everyone that endures this video.
So there's a guy on stage who doesn't have health insurance railing against universal health insurance?

Yeah. I'm waiting for the Iraq Vet comedian who comes on and curses all of the years he spent with legs, arms, and no PTSD.

I couldn't make it past the first minute.

There's...nothing funny about this. How is Obama using a teleprompter funny?
Because he's a goddamn yuppy. In small-town USA people write what they need to remember on they hands.

It's one of the few things the GOP has glommed onto. Somehow, Obama uses a telelprompter, he's less intelligent. And what's really odd is that every president of both parties, all the congresscritters, and just about everyone who gives a speech in front of a camera uses one.

Compounding the irony is that the previous President the right wing worshiped could barely make it through a speech without bungling it even WITH a teleprompter.

They could have at least been offensive. I need a Bill Hicks chaser.
Patton Oswalt was my chaser after this wretched garbage.

That guy
I was thinking about writing a long comment about how conservative humor in any culture is difficult but not impossible, but I think I have to go put my hand in a blender after listening to this shit.
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