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Desc:Bolander and Munch trick a suspect into believing that a copy machine can detect lies.
Category:Classic TV Clips, Humor
Tags:Homicide, Munch, lie detector, Homicide: Life On The Street, Bolander
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Comment count is 11
Wait didnt they do this on the Wire?
Both The Wire and Homicide were based on Simon's book, which was based on real stories from police officers.

I prefer The Wire version, but this was a good show.

Simon of course also had a direct hand in The Wire. They got way better writers, too.

I guess it's plausible.
Frank Rizzo
damned penile stustification.

Hell yes, 420 intimidate and trick people into giving up their rights everyday
See, when cops abuse people with cruel jokes and hilarious irony, it's okay.
unknown rebel
The Wire was less cheesy!
They did this on some other cop show in the 90s too, only instead of a copier it was a cellphone (which was still a pretty uncommon thing for people to have at the time). I think it was Law & Order but I'm not sure.
And one day it will be repeated as a smartphone app.
This version is special because of how dreary the rest of the series was. I don't think any other cop show comes close to using so much non-action to drive home the mental degeneration of its characters.

Damn straight.

Listen, if your complaints about a complex, realistic police-show are that it depicts a dreary, non-active bureaucracy? Consider yourself a moron with pre-conceptions.

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