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Desc:Guy in dino pjs plays Back to the Future on an electone
Category:Classic Movies, Fashion
Tags:Furries, Back to the Future, maru, electone
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Comment count is 7
This is pretty awesome. It looks like that thing is programmed to automatically switch from orchestra tones to percussion tones in real time as he's playing.

That just raises the question of if you're going to go through all of that trouble to program it to follow along and switch patches while you play, why don't you just program it to play the damned thing for you?

I mean, anybody who hears this is going to assume it's all pre-recorded anyway.
It's probably more emotionally satisfying to actually play it than to program a machine to. Otherwise, why not just play the mp3 instead of going through all the trouble of programming?

you know what else is emotionally satisfying? Having sex, which this dude ain't gettin any of as long as he's spending all that time working out which foot pedal plays the timpani drum in his stegosaurus costume
Has poeTV actually become so absurdly jaded that now people who spend time playing music can't possibly be getting laid?


I'm not saying it's not possible, I'm just saying that if we were to graph talent to sexual prospects, the curve took a sharp turn downwards at some point, and it peaked at the introduction of dino PJs into the act. He probably could have dialed it back a bit and done the Power of Love and done juuuuuust fine.

You're crazy, this guy is probably getting layyedd like nobody's business.

Jet Bin Fever
5'd for going at least thirty seconds before I realized he was a dinosaur.
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