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Desc:And now we know why 'The Great Depression' was called that, as evidenced by it's 'entertainment'.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:Walt Disney, naked babies, Silly Symphonies, Better Disney
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I remember this cartoon being used in a bizarre music video with a woodpecker from a different cartoon break dancing and people dancing around in front of it (live action green screen) on a Disney VHS my parents bought me back in the mid 90s. I think it was A Goofy Movie.
Spit Spingola
Hey, the depression also gave us Popeye! After a cartoon like this you really needed to see a toothless one-eyed sailor beat the crap out of an obese man.

Man, these Silly Symphonies are weird. Painstakingly crafted but nearly unwatchable. Were they aimed at moms? The frogs at least keep this one from being totally horrible.
Basically, the story is that Disney had to take out a hefty loan from Bank of America to start work on Snow White, and Bank of America, in turn, took the production of Silly Symphonies as collateral. Snow White returned the investment, but the relationship between Bank of America and Disney was such that to this day Bank of America owns a certain percentage of Disneyland's profits.

That said, Silly Symphonies are terrible, but they kept A LOT of otherwise desperate artists out of the breadlines, and their actual innovation was in the various kinds of cameras and techniques that were used later on.

Also, bear in mind that Walt had a fundamentally midwestern taste and this appealed to HIM, and therefore most of middle America at the time.

This is like a douche commercial, a tampon commercial, and a baby shampoo commercial all rolled into one.
And an epicac.

This one always creeped me the fuck out for some reason.
Timothy A. Bear
4:09, for example

Ha, ha. Yes, I get it. Bullfrog. Ha. Ha...ha. Just...stop showing me your asscrack.
split tail
Split tails (appearing as little boys) riding phallic creatures. They later are seen trying to escape the giant munching vagina. In the end they decide to bow down to the most beautiful vagina they have ever seen... and pray. The End!
the only redeeming feature presented is the beautiful animation... but with no narrative, screens full of frolicing naked babies, annoying and creepy frogs, and not even a hint of any intellectual material, the only praise must be revoked outright.
Caminante Nocturno
Is this what Purgatory looks like? Do unbaptized babies have to spend the rest of eternity doing this?

According to the bible, yes.
pressed peanut sweepings
Purgatory isn't in the bible and unbaptized babies go to limbo with all the virtuous pagans.

Not going to watch the video, but wasn't the concept behind "The Water Babies" that this was the afterlife for the young children used as chimneysweeps in Victorian London who would often become trapped and die inside the chimneys? To the point where it wasn't that uncommon to find the skeletons of infants when older houses were demolished?
Shoebox Joe
Damn it, there was a link to the kia ora ad earlier on this page. :( I consider that just plain awesome, coinciding the fact that there's a pretty awesome explanation to this video not even a page down.
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