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Desc:Ralph Macchio wants to rebuild his career
Category:Trailers, Humor
Tags:karate kid, ralph macchio
Submitted:Zatoichi Jones
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Comment count is 18
Jet Bin Fever
I had the same reaction the first time I saw that poster.
The Mothership
Wait, this is real? Like, is this meta-documentary or viral-marketing in the form of a real comeback, or, or vice versa? Confused but loving it at the same time.
Frank Rizzo
fuck I hope this is real.
Scrotum H. Vainglorious
It's not :(

maybe if we pool our money we can make it real though


it should be real. I'd see it.

Ralph Macchio has a house in Skagit Valley, WA. He went into my mom's gallery and signed her guest book and said nice things about the artists. He is a extremely nice, genuine guy, so that part is real.

For chachi.
The feelgood hit of the summer!
Rodents of Unusual Size
Oh, Ralph, you are just so adorable when you smash plates.
for a 42 year he has held himself together!


He was in his 20s when he did the first Karate Kid and in his 30s for My Cousin Vinny. The question is where's he keeping that portrait.

Sweet christ he could pass for 25
Robin Kestrel
From the EW.com interview:

EW: What do you hope comes out of this?

RM: "Thatís a good question. Thereís a piece of me that did this to show the type of humor that I love ó irreverent, dark, parody ó which most people donít know, and to go to places that I normally wouldnít go. They wouldnít normally cast me as the guy who would walk into a bar all coked up and just get up in somebodyís face. The best-case scenario is that Iím doing it at a time when thereís such great interest because of the remake coming out, I take advantage of that wake-up call to the town, meaning Hollywood, as to how smart it would be to find the right vehicle for me at this point ó whether thatís television or features. Hollywood loves that more than anything, that sort of comeback story. Itís sort of like when Neil Patrick Harris did that Harold & Kumar thing. All the sudden he was a different actor. He was the same actor. Itís like Travoltaís said, heís come back eight times, itís just Pulp Fiction is the one everyone talks about. Worst-case scenario, I have this great, cool video thatís an awesome button to all that Iíve done over the years."
I wouldn't have recognized him.
I actually met Macchio after doing How 2 Succeed In Business on stage. He really is a very nice guy with zero attitude. This faux-trailer is perfect parody of who he is and what hollywood wants. Perfect.
Will I ever NOT want to pound the hell out of Molly Ringwald.

Like seriously savage her.

Y'all guys know what I mean, right?


The Costco card was a nice touch.
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