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Desc:I can't believe this worked or is legal. Still, I'm impressed by the ingenuity.
Category:Stunts, Crime
Tags:made in China, Parking spaces, is that legal?
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Comment count is 19
it'schina. arent iphone knockoffs made from dead babies legal?
Knock-off parkings is a natural thing there.

That's that's asphalt on the ground?

That lady is brilliant.
James Woods
I'm in love.

But she is a SCOFFLAW!

Yea, she's pretty hot.

James Woods
Her scofflawliness is probably the main attraction. I have a problem.

jay z

Where did she park while she was setting all that up?
Dread Pirate Roberts
Same place she did when putting it all away, I'd assume.

ancient Chinese secret
They can't drive, but they can sure make parking spaces.
The Great Hippo
At first I was thinking: "Oh no, now everyone in China will know about her clever trick!" And then I remembered that the Chinese government's policy of blanket censoring will probably lead to no one in China being able to view this video legally.

Timothy A. Bear
Cartoon font for parking sign.
I imagine a police officer walking past her parked car & thinking "Funny.... I don't remember a parking spot there yesterday." Then he walks away, whistling.

The Mothership
I also imagine this, and smile.

Mike Tyson?!
Yes, this staged clip sure is funny?
You've never videotaped your friend looking for a parking space before?

These illegals need to go back to Mexico and stop stealing our parking spaces.
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