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Desc:She is seriously not well.
Category:Business, Fashion
Tags:Old People, QVC, HSN, liza minnelli, freakishly birdlike
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Comment count is 11
Maybe she would be doing better if hey boyfriend didn't have A HOOK FOR A HAND!!!!
Uh-oh her vertigo is kicking in.

I will always love my brownish area with points.

more often then not, i just dont click on a video right away. this took about a second to decide to watch.
Tuan Jim
I'm not watching this.

I didn't watch the person with the rotten flesh falling off the exposed bone.

I didn't watch the kitty with prosthetic feet.

I...okay, I watched the panda douche orangina ad, but that should really be on this list.

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
I had to check wiki to make sure she didn't have a stroke.
These are for the confused, exasperated model.
Jet Bin Fever
She weirdly reminds me of my grandmother with Alzheimer's disease.
Pills for breakfast? Who is she, Judy Garland?
Seriously, there's basically two good ways to die when you're famous; young and still beautiful and relevant so everyone remembers how great you were, or old but still relevant and having left a lasting impression on the world.

The latter is extremely hard to pull off (Johnny Cash is the last one I can remember executing it flawlessly), so I generally recommend the former.
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