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Desc:and he can prove it!
Category:Religious, Horror
Tags:reincarnation, Lunatics, witch trail
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Comment count is 19
I hope James Randi has a go at these evil fuckers selling out and mentally disfiguring their kid.
And young boys drawing fighter planes and parachutes? Never happens! Dolphins are gay.

But both the kid and the fighter pilot are named James!

Oh for fuck's sake.

This couldn't be a con job, not at all. BTW that mom is way hot.
crazy is the new sexy

Crazy has always been sexy.

James Woods
This kid would be lucky to float away from his family in a giant balloon.
I guess I was in Star Wars in a previous life.
I was a porn mag publisher in my previous life apparently. Specifically one that pictured well-endowed women.

wtf japan
I've met plenty of veterans who fought in the pacific theater, and the last thing any of them would want to do is hang out with a bunch of nips. If that kid was sullenly shouting outdated ethnic slurs the whole time the Japanese camera crew was there, I might be inclined to believe this shit.
Going by toddler fascinations, I was a dinosaur.

Going by my doodles when I was in 4th grade, I'm pretty sure I was a ninja turtle. I was a dinosaur AND a ninja turtle. The past is a rich tapestry.
I was princess jasmine!

Doctor Arcane
I dont know why everyone is so happy. The poor kid is trapped in samsara.
Yeah, well, so are you, and I was a pirate in a past life.

if you believe in reincarnation, you are going to hell

praise jesus
I drew Megaman when I was a kid. Maybe I'm reincarnated Megaman.
Rodents of Unusual Size
As someone who believes reincarnation is possible, let me just say that your past life is a lot like your sex life. You don't talk about it with everyone.

Unless you're a giant, giant whore.
So you believe in reincarnation? My scientific opinion is that you are dumb.

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