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Desc:I wonder why this didn't work out!
Category:Classic TV Clips, Horror
Tags:it crowd, laugh track, i.t. crowd, adaptations, us audience
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Comment count is 32

Why would they do this? Why does the intro still have the animations of the REAL actors? What is happening here?
Dr Dim
I love how their caricatures of weird IT guys are still way more normal and charismatic than the real thing.
Why do laugh tracks still exist?
Because we're too stupid to know when to laugh without them.

I honestly think I would have found some of these jokes at least somewhat amusing if it weren't for the laugh track trying to cue me in on when to find something funny.

It's kinda embarrassing for a show when it has a laugh track. Any show I've seen lately with one, 9 out of 10 times its an indicator its not funny...which it isn't.

Apparently the US writers were so confused on how to Americanize Moss they said fuck it and just used the same actor.
Didn't they do the same thing with 'the Young Ones' and Neil?

The original british show had a laugh track too? Was it actually funny though?
It's pretty great, and proof that good acting can make or break a show - the British actors actually understand comedy, timing, delivery, etc.

It also gets better in season 2. Everyone winds up going full bore into their respective caricatures. So I guess I should say it either gets better or gets more annoying depending on your perspective. Plus, Matt Berry. You can't hate Matt Berry going to an extreme.

Wow. It is hard to explain, but there is some undeniable feeling that the actors are trying to act like the original actors.
They were on rails. Trying to reproduce the natural movements of the originals.

I recognize two b-listers. They aren't great actors, but they are normally better than this.
That one actor is trying so hard to be the original actor HE BECAME THE ORIGINAL ACTOR.

In the first few episodes of the US version of The Office, the guy who plays Jim was totally aping Tim from the UK version.

Oh god this is horrible.
It's like Windows Vista! [LAUGHTER]

dora's cough
not actually that much more terrible than the british version

Scrotum H. Vainglorious
Worst implementation of a laugh track since That 70's Show.

Isnt the big bang theory basically the same plot? I wouldn't know because its all shit greek to me.
Innocent Bystander
Holy crap it's Joel Whatshisname! Really glad he decided to do Community instead of this.
So sad. I'm glad it failed, it doesn't need to be covered.
I can't believe i watched the whole thing.
The original show has live audience laughter but most people assume it's canned. Don't know about this.
This would go on to become Big Bang Theory =(
Truly awful, just like the Big Bang Theory because it's yet another show that portrays nerds and computer geeks as wacky, funny and even gosh-darn loveable walking cliches.

Someone should make a show about more realistic nerds: creepy, obsessive, childish cretins with twisted value systems and disturbing fetishes. There should be at least one character who uses their self-diagnosed Aspergers as an whiny excuse for his or her creepy and gross public behavior.

Actually, that is what the original version of this show is. The characters on that show deal with people with bitter cynicism and condescension and treat women with indifference and outright misogyny. They actually don't care that anyone doesn't like them and don't have the faculties to understand why that is a bad thing. That is why it it is so hilarious and effective.

I absolutely do not understand this idea that something needs to be remade for another country in this Internet heavy future. Are they afraid no one will understand the accents?

Also...they kept Richard Ayoade in? Whats the point in replacing everyone else?
The American version of The Office is better, so it's a worthwhile effort.

FABIO can't get enough of Pam and Kim and the baby!!

Quit comparing IT Crowd to Big Bang Theory. The IT Crowd manages to work even with a live audience laughing at 120 decibels. On the other hand, the Big Bang Theory is a massive testicular cyst oozing and bleeding on the thigh of modern television.
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