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Desc:ABC News link.
Category:Crime, Horror
Tags:Hitler, wtf america, domestic abuse
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Comment count is 17
Syd Midnight
Aww Norwig is a mommy now
Is Hitlet a term for a small hitler?
wtf japan
No, that would be "Hitlerchen."

"Ja, du bist Muttis kleines Hitlerchen. Ja, du--Ach, du Schlingel! Nicht auf den Tisch stehen!"

The real crime in this video is my inability to type a title without typos. I wish we could edit while they were in the hopper, the moment I saw it I knew I was going to get called on it.

This has given me a brilliant idea. TO THE TIME MACHINE!!
See, that's the problem with naming your kid Hitler. Time assassins might take out the wrong guy.

hA! :D

In other news, Che Guevara took a nap.
wtf japan
Would you kill baby Adolf Hitler, if you had the chance?
Robin Kestrel
Maybe little baby Adolph just needs a hug?

"Aryan Nation" = coolest middle name ever.
"Angelina Jolie adopts Chairman Mao."
"We don't want you playing with that Pol Pot kid anymore."
Rodents of Unusual Size
Just skullfuck these parents.
the freedom to give your children retarded novelty names has just been dealt a serious blow.

this is not my america.
does the state make you pay extra to get those names?

See, I know you're joking but having a law that like wouldn't be violating the rights of the parents as far as one might think at first glance. It's a widely accepted idea that "your right end where mine begin". The parent's right to call their child whatever they want is trumped by the child's right not to have to go through life with a name like "Hitler".

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