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Johnny Madhouse - 2010-08-15

hee hee hee

mashedtater - 2010-08-15

we all have to have a purpose/cause/ something to believe in.

this IS someone's purpose.

revdrew - 2010-08-15

Not only was he still alive, he also magically didn't age in 13 years. Elvis really IS immortal!

boner - 2010-08-15

This is why they had to kill John Hughes

FABIO - 2010-08-15

Home Alone WAS pretty awful.

memedumpster - 2010-08-15

Quantum entanglement.

Blandwiches - 2010-08-15

They couldn't have used an Elvis song for this?

wtf japan - 2010-08-15

Have you even SEEN Highlander? Queen is entirely appropriate.

Big Muddy - 2010-08-15

Nope, defiantly Richard Burton.

Oktay - 2010-08-15

I say Zach Galifianakis, because after all, *I* decide.

BillLumbergh - 2010-08-15

five for stupid

FISTFULLofSOUL - 2010-08-15

Ok, I confess..it was me.

fang you very much.

BHWW - 2010-08-15


fluffy - 2014-11-06

You sure convinced me

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