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Desc:theres no crying in baseball!!!
Category:Science & Technology
Tags:kid, baseball, crying, delayed reaction
Submitted:Frank Rizzo
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Comment count is 22
Syd Midnight
Take your base
I just came to ask who the invisible hopper vote was. Creepy.
i'm with frank
random votes occur and yet i can't vote on squat, let alone my own awesome submissions. next you'll be telling me there is no prize for rating the most videos.

Huh, I thought they fixed this exploit. It used to happen when one would log out of poeTV but then hit the back button a couple of times and you were given all the functionality of voting and submitting but with none of the consequences of people finding out what shitty taste you had in videos.

Dollars to donuts it was somebody voting twice on this submission, but who on there would have anything to gain from getting this to the front page? Who??

P.S. Yes, I was responsible for voting a submission of my own through twice back in the day. It takes one to know one.

Frank Rizzo
heres how to get 2 votes for the price of 1 kids...

login in, go to the vote page, logout via another page, vote up as anon, logback in from another page... vote again as you.

the software poetv was written on is pretty much terrible.

You're all lying and getting me pissed. I know it was a ghost.

good video. delivers.
At least he can play soccer.
La Loco
We think alike. Five stars.

The Mothership
Ok, that was funny. But seriously: that is one lazy-ass father.
Oscar Wildcat
Yeah. One gets the impression the kid was conceived with a basting syringe and a hair dryer.

The Huggable Universe
I have serious concerns about the channel that this video is on.

Having seen the content on that channel, specifically, the most recently uploaded video (Cute Win Fail Episode 4), I strongly resent having contributed traffic to that channel.

It's like an internet-infused (WIN! FAIL! EPIC!) America's Funniest Home Videos narrated by a spastic jackass who appears to take his comedic cues from Zach fucking Braff.

However, I laughed at the video, so I cannot, in good conscience, rate the video less than five stars. I am a weak man.
Caminante Nocturno
We shouldn't be laughing at a child. Shame on us, especially me.
The depths of your shame in regards to children stops far far from there.

Sammy Sosa eventually went on to conquer his fear of baseballs...
Fucking emo kid got what he deserved.
pretty much no hope there man, try golf
The poor kid started crying when the stupid ball refused to cooperate with coordination, then when he went to protest to the machine, the soulless machination lashed out preemptively.

In twelve or so years, this kid will be a robot killer.
Juan Connor!

And I noticed the same thing; little bro was ready to cry _before_ he missed the first pitch. Getting tagged in the face was just the slight provocation he needed to start a tantrum.

Robin Kestrel
Put some pants on that kid. Old enough to walk, old enough to wear some goddamn pants. Maybe he wouldn't be such a pussy then.
So I just realized that this is my fucking neighbor. That fence on the right is my fence and that blue house is the one behind me. Fucking insane.

Can I win the lotto next ?
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