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Desc:It's just so taboo
Category:Classic TV Clips, Educational
Tags:Zach Galifianakis, bill maher, marijuana, Also his balls are huge, awesomeness
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Comment count is 28
ProfessorChaos - 2010-10-31
I wonder if anyone will bother to arrest him for possession.
dr_mr_vandertramps - 2010-10-31
pretty awesome.
HarrietTubmanPI - 2010-10-31
Laurence O'Donnell looks upset that he wasn't offered a hit.
threads - 2010-10-31
The little head nod and point at the end pretty much mean "Hey pass it this way".

boner - 2010-10-31
Civil disobedience
spikestoyiu - 2010-10-31
He didn't curse enough for it to truly be civil disobedience.

memedumpster - 2010-10-31
I didn't expect that at all.
takewithfood - 2010-10-31
What a magnificent bastard.
Volbard - 2010-10-31
Aw, he's so proud
Dread Pirate Roberts - 2010-10-31
Needs an "also his balls are huge" tag definitely.
pineapplejuicer - 2010-10-31

Zoot42 - 2010-10-31
I see this being an anecdote in a history book in a few years.
Old_Zircon - 2010-10-31
Public opinion on this issue has finally reached the point people in 1972 thought it would reach by 1974.
Old_Zircon - 2010-10-31
The downside to real legalization is that the price will probably go up. I know for a fact that in Boston at least it hasn't gone up since 1988. Between taxes and being more closely bound to the U.S. economy, I bet there's a 20% price hike minimum.
simon666 - 2010-10-31
However, people will be able to grow it themselves, allowing for a lower cost alternative. The benefits of legalizing weed are not necessarily visible in an economistic analysis either.

Old_Zircon - 2010-10-31
In theory. What's the deal with distilling hard liquor at home right now? I doubt the regulations will be any less strict than that, although it should be comparable to homebrewing beer. Either way, it's exciting and definitely a good, overdue thing that finally seems inevitable.

Although the DEA is on record saying they're going to descend on California with everything they have if prop 19 passes.

Old_Zircon - 2010-10-31
Which would make it an even bigger state's-rights issue and with any luck will further alienate the neocons (who I can't imagine supporting legalization) from the true conservatives who should at least theoretically side with the state in a situation like that.

Aggro Craig - 2010-10-31
Regulations against home distilling are more a result of prohibition than real sense, but at least most states now allow home brewing of medium quantities of beer and wine without a license. Selling it obviously would be a different matter, and it's not trivial to get set up as a microbrewery (but attainable to those who want it) and I think that's gonna get interesting with this. Just like in Russia how they frequently arrest bootleggers of vodka maybe they'll be people like that in California busted for not having a license to distribute.

RomancingTrain - 2010-10-31
State's Rights conservatives would support it if the state in this instance wasn't California. They'd do anything(even side with the big bad fed) to throw mud in the eye of the left coast.

Old_Zircon - 2010-11-01
Which is ironic, since California is one of the more conservative states in the union outside of the major urban centers.

FABIO - 2012-10-06
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say it's a tad tougher to homebrew alcohol than it is to grow a weed.

Caminante Nocturno - 2010-10-31
Well, now the whole set smells like weed.
Pillager - 2010-11-01
C'mon, that happened when Bill Maher first entered the studio.

kingofthenothing - 2010-10-31
...and all the related videos are this video.
RomancingTrain - 2010-10-31
All the people who submitted it forgot where they first saw it.

voodoo_pork - 2010-10-31
Aggro Craig - 2010-10-31
Oh man, oh man,

This is why I love American politics, and I wish so bad I could be there for this election. At least I was there in '08 for medical marijuana in many states, but this looks like it's getting interesting...
Wander - 2010-11-01
One of the most deserved Smug Bastard faces I've seen in a long time.
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