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Desc:Fightin' Joe Biden wants you to know you are normal, good, and decent.
Category:News & Politics, Educational
Tags:stutter, Joe Biden, it gets better
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Comment count is 12
memedumpster - 2010-11-18
Thanks, you rich white hypocrite, how about some civil rights, motherfucker?
baleen - 2010-11-18

It would be really a nice thing to do if we went into a warzone with some kind of major, unplanned civil rights act that the culture couldn't adequately adapt to because people were dying all over the place.

If the top brass in the warzone are saying they agree that DADT should be abolished (they do), great. If they say "could you please not do this now" then it would be a good thing, since people are dying, to wait a few more years.

But hey, I'm sure the GOP Congress that 50% of gay voters helped elect will do a much better job.

As for DOMA, it's abundantly obvious that that gay marriage is going to be a national reality in the near future, but hey, maybe the GOP Congress that 50% of gay voters helped elect will speed up that process for us, right?

wtf japan - 2010-11-18
I guess the gays had better hope their political roulette ball lands on one of those four year pockets when we aren't at war, then.

citrusmirakel - 2010-11-18
A bit extreme on both sides, really. The point is that both the President and the Vice President of the United States decided to make videos saying "Don't be ashamed that you're gay, there's really nothing wrong with that."

...which is honestly a pretty major thing for someone with that office to do. It's true that words aren't enough, but I'm getting really irritated with people (Dan Savage included) start screaming about hypocrisy the moment one of these videos is released.

Meanwhile, what the fuck has Ke$ha done to improve the lives of... well, anyone? Those are the truly meaningless sentiments.

CharlesSmith - 2010-11-18
I agree with baleen: we need to punish the gays for electing a Republican congress (that 50% of them voted for) by having politicians play lip service to the idea of them having civil rights but not using their positions of great power and influence to actually do anything about it.

memedumpster - 2010-11-18
They did that in Korea, baleen, with racial desegregation. Obviously our problems with North Korea today are because darkies wanted rights. Silly homos, don't cause another North Korea, lol. Remember, the Constitution only works when someone doesn't have a point to make, otherwise, silly old document, LOL.


Xiphias - 2010-11-18
Baleen I had no idea you were this shitty!

(50% of gay voters voted for republicans HA)

baleen - 2010-11-18

While not 50% nationally, in some surprising elections with very large gay and liberal populations, it was very close to 50%. And I can be for gay marriage and for gays in the military while also recognizing that there are valid reasons, both political and institutional, why forcing these issues at the current moment could be harmful. I am not shitty and you probably know that.

http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/11/05/gay-voters-republican s-doubled-2008_n_779111.html

"The change from the last midterm elections in 2006 was not quite as large but an increase nevertheless. In 2006, 24 percent supported Republicans. Democrats' share of the gay vote rose from 75 percent in 2006 to 80 percent in 2008 and then dropped to 68 percent in 2010. Each year, approximately 3 percent of voters identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual."

You must also think that the recent campaign condemning Congress by Log Cabin Republicans is nothing more than whitewash. You can be sure that now that they've done their deed they will remain utterly silent on the issues of DOMA and DADT. It makes absolutely no sense to support LCR. These people endorsed McCain even after he tried to make a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

Nationally, ~32% of gays voted Republican in 2010, which is disgraceful, and the only reason most of them likely did it was to punish Democrats for not moving quickly enough. This is the Congress that voted to abolish DADT with the cooperation of the military, as opposed to forcing them, during a bloody war, to do something that was too much to handle. They were punished by many in the gay community for doing this, and now we have a bunch of hateful people with zero interest in treating gays like human beings.

Memedumpster, that didn't mean anything.
Charles, Democrats have done more in the past 2 years for gay rights than any other Congress in history.

Meerkat - 2010-11-18

memedumpster - 2010-11-18
Happy Thanksgiving, Cena, wherever you are!

baleen - 2010-11-20

I know it's horrible, but I tend to react with process now. I want what's best for the people through mutation and not revolution.

Everybody hates that and I'm ok with it.

chumbucket - 2010-11-18
"they made fun of me because I stutter and it hurt" and then I hurt them, real bad
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