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Desc:Disney ran the numbers, and this was cheaper than just mailing everybody one of Robert Iger's turds.
Category:Cartoons & Animation
Tags:Cars, Pixar, Larry the cable guy, sequels nobody wanted, jumping the shark
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Comment count is 26

Oh, this isn't some 13 year-old's fanfic? Now I feel sad. :(
So is straight to DVD? Cuz it reeks of straight to DVD.
A car holding a gun and then firing the gun. With its tire.

I still have faith in Pixar. Someone just needs to backhand Lasseter and then explain to him why the Cars franchise is beneath him.
B. Weed
He a) may not have much choice in the matter or b) is using this as a bargaining chip, ie "we put out Cars 2 if you let us put out [weird-sounding personal project]".

Pixar does one movie a year and they blow it on THIS?
Oh, God, Why?
Cars was very popular among kids and sold a lot of merchandise.

Someone had to tell the world the truth about car bathrooms.

The original was John Lasseter's vanity project, he thought it would be their last movie with Disney so he made something he wanted to make rather than something with a good story or characters or humor.

It ended up being the most profitable Pixar movie thanks to all the toys it sold, so now there's a sequel :I

From Toy Story to a story for pushing toys. Disney strikes again!
Cheaper yes, but more satisfying?
This is not what "it gets better" means, Pixar.
the InCARdibles.
I will watch this if, and only IF, there is an enhanced patdown during the airport scene.
As long as they keep the good stuff coming I'll live with the odd nugget of shit.
Thank God. I was really let down by the original's lack of explosions.
Michael Caine?


What, did you need to make a payment on a boat or something, man!?
Hey, this isn't even a new low for him. He did Austin Powers 3. And the Bewitched movie. And hey, the quote Randy Bo-Bandy, "Man's gotta eat".

Cars do not use bathrooms. You are doing it wrong.
THe cars are alive, the planes are alive, does that mean the baggage karts at the airport tarmac are alive? Did Larry the cable guy just plow through a line of innocent baggage karts?
Jet Bin Fever
Great description. Awful, horrible, evil trailer. 5 all around.
Rodents of Unusual Size
It's funny because the cars talk! I mean they talk! And they're cars!

Disney is pumping a hell of a lot of money into the new Cars themed area in California Adventure, at Lasseter's behest, as head of Imagineering.

Reminding people that this movie exists is probably a good idea for that enterprise, I suppose.
A Jumping Spider!
All stars for the description
So if they're from Radiator Springs and everyone's a car and a radiator is part of a car wouldn't that be like naming a town Liver Springs or Bowel Canyon or Intestines Crossing or something? I mean i guess it's clever or something but come on.
Still no people... WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE!?
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