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Desc:has apparently always been really straight-forward.
Category:Stunts, Religious
Tags:yogi, levitation, practical solution, debunked
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Comment count is 12
James Rahandi.

No. That's only how the fakers do it. A real Yogi doesn't do that.
Robin Kestrel
I see what you did there.

i don't get it, nobody has seen them climb on or off these platforms before?
Imagine you're a poor indian villager. Are you going to risk a face full of yoga fire to find out?

bolt of flame.

I think I want a chair designed like that. With a sturdy enough base it should be possible.
They sure are smarter than the average bear.
Luckily this doesn't debunk Criss Angel's powers at all.
This whole show was pretty good. It was basically about scientists and doctors trying to convince people (especially rural folk) to stop believing in faith healers and mystics and all that shit. Unfortunately, they failed miserably since it's virtually impossible to separate a lot of people in these third world countries from the lure of all this crap. This is why I can't stand people who think Eastern religions and spiritualities are some sort of "alternative" to Westernized monotheism. It may be prettier or more exotic, but it still causes suffering and deception and a whole host of other anti-humanism bullshit.
Johnny Madhouse
It's possible to believe in both faith healing and medicine and get wonderful results. How many people in the US pray for healing even while getting treated?

I recommend Tracy Kidder's Mountains Beyond Mountains for a good read about providing healthcare in poor spiritual areas.

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