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Desc:Come for the Moebius, stay for the cool digital art from Wacom's booth at Angouleme.
Category:Cartoons & Animation, Arts
Tags:nerds, photoshop, moebius, wacom, Angouleme
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Comment count is 11
kingarthur - 2010-12-22
Volbard - 2010-12-27
Want talent. Want!

SolRo - 2010-12-23
Makes me wish i had tallent
fatatty - 2010-12-23
Makes me wish I had a Cintiq. Damn my poverty!

SolRo - 2010-12-23
Then i guess you lack certain skills required to pay the bills generated by such a device.

Cheese - 2010-12-23
k is actually pretty reasonable for the Cintiq, all things considered. I'm pretty set in my ways with my imac and tablet, but I could see getting one at some point.

La Loco - 2010-12-23
You mush have allot of cheddar if you think dropping 2k on a device is reasonable. If I had a free 2k I'd get one. Getting one would also make me feel like an ass for spending all that time learning how to draw on a tablet as well as I do on paper.

Pillager - 2010-12-23
Squeamish - 2010-12-23
This makes me happy.
Spoonybard - 2010-12-23
I wonder what Leonardo da Vinci would have done with a computer.
Cheese - 2011-08-02
A lot of Starcraft.

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